Pierre Garnier (Star Academy): “We want to get together all seven”

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INTERVIEW – It couldn’t have started better for Pierre Garnier, winner of the Star Academy and author of the single “Ceux qu’on été” which is already a hit. The young singer gave WECB his first impressions.

The big winner of the “Star Academy” 2023 is him! At 21, Pierre was acclaimed by TF1 viewers. Throughout these twelve weeks of adventure, his personal story, his hoarse and powerful voice, touched the hearts of the tele-hook faithful.

With 55.6% of the public vote against Julien, the young singer from Pau did not steal his victory. He thus won a check for 100,000 euros and a contract for a first album with Sony Music Entertainment France. His first single, “Those we were”, was released on Wednesday February 7 and has already met with phenomenal success.

A great start

In total, more than 1.4 million streams on Spotify, an extraordinary start. As a reminder, it was during the “Star Academy” live performances that the public discovered this song. Pierre performed it several times under the eye of the cameras at the Château de Dammarie-les-Lys before singing it in the finale on stage with Dadju.

With the trophy in his pocket, Pierre does not hide his happiness and has difficulty landing. ” I’m so happy. There, I’m having trouble realizing it, I’m still in my little dream and I’m making the most of it.”he explains on the microphone of WECB, wondering about what touched the public. “I come from where I come from and I am like that, he comments. I make music and I think maybe that’s what appealed to people. And also the fact that the atmosphere in the castle was like that, very friendly. I think it gave the season something more. »

“I didn’t think it made a sound”

Barely leaving the castle, success was achieved with the title “Those we were”. A song whose genesis Pierre explains to us: “In the castle sometimes, inevitably, we get bored. I say to myself: “hey, I’m going to do that”. But I didn’t think it had made any noise (…) And it was when Dadju gave me the opportunity to sing my song on stage that I realized that people already knew it and there I I said to myself: “ok, something is happening”.

And the recent winner of the Star Ac does not intend to stop there but wants to refine his first album. “My desire is to take part in a lot of aspects, whether it be composition, writing (…) People expect something qualitative and that’s precisely why you have to take the time to do it. TO DO “, continues Pierre. And when we talk to him about “featuring”, the young artist delivers his dreams. Their names are Angèle and Ed Sheeran.

The “Star Academy” tour begins next March. The opportunity for the participants of this 11th season to meet again. “The tour is something we all look forward to. We want to get together, all seven of us. The public has supported us from the start and so, we kind of want to give back by putting on great shows. » Appointment made.


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