Pignoise, Mesita, Emilia, Nicki Nicole, Tiago PZK and Lunaki bring us the first musical releases of the year

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The Three Wise Men are already arriving in Spain and they have left us some gifts: the first musical news of 2024! I hope you have been very good and that their majesties give you a lot of music: a ticket to see your favorite artist, the vinyl of the singer you have listened to the most this last year or the album of The Number 1 of WECB 2023a compilation featuring the biggest musical hits of the year.

Enjoy a song session for all tastes. Happy weekend and don’t choke on the roscón!

Karol G, Bad Gyal, Lali and Lola Índigo fill the new releases of the week with Girl Power

Pignoise, Pole – A sensation. The power poprock trio wants to give it their all in 2024. It has been 20 years since the first chords of Pignoise and they just launched two new singles from your disk 20th anniversary. To make a new version of his legendary song, A sensationthe group wanted to have POLE. Together they have managed to fuse the group’s recognizable sound with much more urban and contemporary coordinates than the singer of Rome has added to this topic. If you liked the original version, this one is amazing!

Pignoise, Rulo – I keep crying for you. As we said before, the band is _ their legendary songs for their new studio album. On this issue that tells us about broken hearts, Rulo joins the group to contribute his rock soul.

Small table, Emilia, Nicki Nicole and Tiago PZK – A Photo Remix. Today, new musical developments have given us a lot of joy, but seeing the coolest people from Argentina join the one from Uruguay to make the remix of A picture It has been a great gift from Three Kings. And so he confesses Santiago David Messano: “This is our gift to you.” Without a doubt they have come to revolutionize everything. We can say that this fusion duplicates the song, since it lasts just twice as long as the original version.

Ñengo Flow – RealG4Life Vol. 4. The one from Puerto Rico has decided to start 2024 strong and that is why he has released his new album with 21 songs, crazy! The artist had not released an album since 2020 and for this new project he wanted to have artists like Wisin & Yandel, Mike Towers, Jory Boy, Gotay, Anuel AA, Jon Z, Bray, JI the Prince of NY, Tempo, Ñejo, Justin Quiles either Bad Bunny. With this last one he has taken Night Cat, a song that I premiered in 2022 and that is now included in this album. You can’t miss this album full of reggaeton!

Lewis Capaldi Strangers. The singer wanted to thank the support he has received in recent months from his followers since the news of his illness, Tourette Syndrome, became known. To do this, the artist has published a special edition of his second album with 5 completely unreleased songs: A cure for minds unwell, Someone I could die for, The Ancient art of always fuckink up and Old navy blue, and of course, Strangers. A song that talks about two strangers who meet in a bar and end up sharing time together until everything ends. If you’re going to listen to it, I recommend you grab some tissues.

Lunaki – January. The Catalan artist wanted to start 2024 with a clean slate. The singer of September He archived all his Instagram posts on December 22 to leave a single post on his profile, sharing the cover of this new song. She wanted to start January at full speed! This is demonstrated in this single that talks about how difficult it is to walk away from a person with whom you have broken up but who is looking for you and does not stop writing to you on WhatsApp. And even though you want to start from “zero”, you always end up going back to her. This is one of those songs that are not sung, they are shouted.


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