Pignoise releases two new songs from his next album: ’20 Anniversary’

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Few groups can boast of having influenced several generations of young people and they are one of those bands. It has been 20 years since the first chords of Pignoise and we can say without fear of being wrong that the essence and energy of the beginning continues intact through each new challenge.

The group has a very exciting year 2024 ahead, full of cool projects that they are sharing little by little with all their followers. The power poprock trio just moved forward two new singles from his album 20th anniversary and they are two anthems full of nostalgia and guitars that they have revisited together with Pole and Rulo and that will be released this Friday, January 5. A gift from Three Kings for all his fans.

for the classic A sensationone of their best-known songs, has featured the Toledo rapper POLE, which will provide much more urban and contemporary coordinates to this topic.

The Madrid group also wanted to share a studio with Rulo, an artist whom they greatly admire in each and every one of his musical stages with bands such as Suizidio, Escape, La Fuga or Rulo y la contrabanda. Rulo will leave his rock imprint on a song about broken hearts like it is I keep crying for you.

Both songs are composed and produced by Pignoise and have been mixed and mastered by Dani Alcover, a regular in the work of the band made up of Álvaro Benito, Pablo Alonso and Héctor Polo, who are celebrating 20 years on the road. To celebrate, they wanted to re-record some of their most successful songs on the album 20th anniversaryand do it with unique voices such as those of Andrés Calamaro, Loquillo, Los Secretos, David Summers, La la love youy, Rulo, Taburete, Hens, Marlena y Pole, of whom we already know quite a few topics.

Pignoise’s ’20th Anniversary’ album

It can now be obtained in pre-sale of the special signed edition of the 20th anniversary what includes:

  • A Vinyl
  • Book
  • Poster.
  • In addition, the edition contains 20 Golden Tickets redeemable for a double ticket to attend any concert on the tour (festivals not included).

Pignoise, in concert

In addition to the release of this album of greatest hits re-recorded with other artists, Álvaro Benito’s band will offer two major concerts that will take place at the end of this year and the beginning of the next, so Pignoise intends to extend this anniversary as much as possible. They will be next November 30 at the Sant Jordi Club in Barcelona and March 7, 2025 at the WiZink Center in Madrid. Tickets for these two great concerts are now on sale on the group’s official website.

About Pignoise

Pignoise are an essential band in the history of our country’s music. With eight albums published to date (six studio albums and two reissues), the group has been active since 2022, although it would not be until 2006 when they achieved great popularity thanks to I understand you, the song that played at the head of one of the fashionable series: Paco’s men. The song was a tremendous success and reached number 1 on WECB on several occasions in 2007.

His fame was in crescendo and the album Advertised on television (2006) It went on to sell more than 100,000 copies, then came another essential album in Pignoise’s career, such as A Matter of Taste (2007) with hits like I keep crying for you. His latest studio work is Funpublished in December 2021, with which the band toured extensively and from which singles as powerful as A sensationthe song that he now presents revisited with Pole.


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