Pignoise will celebrate its 20th anniversary with two major concerts in Barcelona and Madrid

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Pignoisethe band led by Alvaro Benitowill celebrate its 20 years of existence with a new greatest hits album and two great concerts that will take place next November 30 in it Sant Jordi Club of Barcelona and the March 7, 2025 in it WiZink Center in Madrid.

According to the press release collected by EFE, tickets for the prime show in Barcelona are already on sale through the promoter Cruilla Barcelona.


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Tickets for the Madrid concert will be available this Thursday, at 10 a.m., with a special price through the Last Tour website for the first 1,500 seats sold.

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As part of the celebration of its two decades of existence, its office has reported that the group is preparing to publish re-recordings of his greatest hits in collaboration with artists and friends like Loquillo, Andrés Calamaro, Hombres G, Los Secretos, Hens, La La Love You, Rulo y la Contrabanda, Taburete y Pole.

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Forged in Madrid at the beginning of the century, Pignoise united Alvaro Benito (player for Real Madrid, Getafe and the Spanish National Team) and Hector Polo, also a footballer. They were joined Pablo Alonso and they quickly began to record albums and give concerts. After Out of tune melodies (2003) and This is not a punk album (2005), they encountered massive success with the inclusion of their song Nothing to lose as a theme song for the television series Paco’s men.

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The album Advertised on television (2006) confirmed the scope of the project while matter of taste (2008) and the official song of the National Team for the 2008 Euro Cup, Move from quarters, cemented their status as one of the most important guitar groups in the country. In the following decade, Pignoise continued to release albums regularly (Year zero2010; the time and the space2013; What’s left to walk2015), a stage in which Álvaro combined his musical passion with his role as a football commentator on television and radio. Funpublished in 2021, is the trio’s latest work.


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