Pregnant with Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears says she made the difficult choice of abortion

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On October 24, Britney Spears will release her highly anticipated memoir: “The Woman in Me”. The first extracts are already full of explosive revelations, particularly about his love life.

The hour has come. Britney Spears arrives to settle scores on October 24 with “The Woman in Me.” An autobiography that finally gives the pop star the opportunity to tell his story. “ After leaving my guardianship, I am finally free to tell my story, without consequence from the people who were in charge of my life”, she says in particular. To keep fans waiting, TMZ collected the secrets of the privileged few who were able to read the work which promises to be explosive.

To begin with, the American tabloid revealed, this Tuesday, October 17, that the singer had chosen to say that she had become pregnant with Justin Timberlake. “ Multiple sources who have read the book tell us that Britney thought Justin was the love of her life when they were dating. Then, towards the end of 2000, she learned she was pregnant. “.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, film "Crossroads", February 2002
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At the time, aged 19, the situation was delicate for the young woman who felt “ in conflict » with herself due to her religious upbringing on the one hand and her requirements as a potential superstar on the other, which did not allow her to take care of a child. “ I loved Justin so much. I always thought we would have a family together one day. Basically, it just seemed to happen a lot sooner than expected,” writes the 41-year-old singer. But it was the reaction of Justin Timberlake, no older than Britney, that helped them decide.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake: a difficult decision to make

After a long reflection and many difficult conversations, the artist couple chose to resort to abortion which seemed to them the best option, reports TMZ. This choice would have haunted the interpreter of “Toxic” who sometimes confided in private about this in the years which followed.

With these first revelations, fans took the opportunity to reopen the investigation into the titles “Cry Me a River” by Justin Timberlake and especially “Everytime” by Britney. Released in 2002, Justin’s hit caused controversy, fueling rumors surrounding Britney Spears’ possible infidelity. The following year came out what appeared to be a response from the singer. A title through which she seemed to apologize: “ Maybe I made it rain. Please forgive me. My weakness made you suffer. And this song is my excuse. ”, she sings. But in light of the revelations in her autobiography, “Everytime” would actually appear to be about this aborted pregnancy, according to fans. A hypothesis which could be confirmed by the image of a woman giving birth at the end of the clip.

“The Woman in Me” will be released in bookstores on October 24.


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