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The diary of your life and the mechanics of how it all works with the right people.

There are people who write as a diary to protect their experiences from being forgotten; There are others that concentrate memories in images, textures, sounds and colors, as is the case of Melissa Lunar; the Mexican photographer, musician and creator.

Since I was a child, Melissa She was introduced to photography thanks to her father who, indirectly, brought her closer to establishing a deep interest and love for it.

β€œI studied architecture and I was always interested in photography since I was little. My dad spent his time recording everything with a video camera and from there it caught my attention to record everything around me. When I was in elementary school they gave me an instant camera and I have photos of my classmates. He recorded everything without any intention; It was part of my diary. β€œI really liked my career but it didn’t fulfill me, so I decided to continue doing only photography and video.”

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Melissa He is a curious, proactive and productive person, so beyond portraying projects like Mint Field, Valgur, Julieta Venegas, Mabe Fratti, Santi Mijares and Clothing, -to name a few-; is dedicated to making music with Kite Park.

β€œA friend invited me eight years ago to jam with him and we never stopped making music. Sometimes it happens that due to commitments I can’t play in the band and the cool thing about being in a project with friends is that there is no issue because of that, it doesn’t become something toxic. “It’s nice to surround yourself with people who, beyond being your co-workers, are your friends.”

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In addition to photography and music, Melissa has sought to occupy his hands in the creation of ceramic pieces under the signature of mmmLunar; an activity that has helped her discover another creative side of her being.

β€œA friend from Ensenada started her ceramics workshop and I have been working with her there for five years. “I like to do everything because humans are very capable of doing many things and not just dedicating themselves to one.”

β˜† Tips β˜†

If someone would like to follow in your footsteps, what would you tell them?

β˜† “Do it without thinking, don’t give yourself so many buts or so many limits, or obstacles. Try it.”

β˜† “The tool is not what makes the final product of the photo. I mean because then they ask me what camera do you have? And right now I have a good one because I have been able to save over the years and I have been able to buy one that is allowing me grow, but I also continue taking photos with my second-hand cameras.”

β˜† β€œI feel that photography becomes a lot with music, about what instruments do you have? Because people believe that buying the same instrument will do the same thing as you, but sadly that is not the case. Talent comes from within; It is the energy and vibe of people and the intention with which they do things.”

β˜† β€œDon’t get carried away by your first results; I look at my first photos and say ‘I’ve grown’ and you learn from your mistakes. Life is too short”.


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