Quique Niza jumps from ‘UPA Next’ to Benidorm Fest 2024 with the song ‘Prisionero’

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If something stands out about Benidorm Fest 2024, it is the variety of styles. There is everything, urban with hit potential, catchy pop, flamenco from the roots, bolero…In the case of Quique Nice, the artist has opted for a powerful ballad for the contest from which Spain’s next representative for Eurovision will emerge. Furthermore, the launch of Prisonerthe song with which he participates, also marks his debut in the music industry after starring in the Serie UPA Next.

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Quique Niza is the youngest of this edition of the Benidorm Fest and His song emerged from the camp organized by the public network in its idea to use this festival as a platform to promote the careers of emerging artists.. Prisoner was born in those writing sessions and the result is an epic ballad with a punchy chorus.

“We composed Prisoner practically in one morning and I didn’t imagine then the joys that this song was going to give me. What we generated in that study was beautiful,” explained Quique Niza at the last Benidorm Fest press conference. Besides He defined the song as a “therapeutic” track that invites reflection with its direct lyrics and a powerful production..

The protagonist of ‘Upa Next’

Prisoner It is Quique Niza’s first single. With this song, the artist inaugurates his discography after exploiting his role as an actor in several projects. The most relevant? The musical of grease and his leading role in UPA Nexthe continuation of A step forward that Atresplayer Premium released last May.

Quique Niza, Monica Cruz, Miguel Angel Muñoz, Beatriz Luengo and Monica Mara / Arnold Jerocki

Quique now has to face the challenge of working on his artistic proposal for the Benidorm Fest and possible candidacy for Eurovision while little by little he puts together his project as a singer. Are we facing one of the promises of the music industry? Place your bets, but above all, listen Prisonertheir song for Benidorm Fest 2024.


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