Rauw Alejandro’s video that triggers rumors of collaboration with Bad Bunny

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Artificial Intelligence has landed in music. It has generated numerous debates, and even some artists have already spoken out about it. Ozuna, Darell and Bad Bunny are some of them. The latter does not seem to completely agree, or at least that was demonstrated by his reaction after a song with his artificially created voice went viral.

Be that as it may, AI continues to have a presence in the industry, and that is something difficult to avoid. In fact, a few weeks ago, numerous users revolutionized the networks after an alleged remix of Where She Goes of Bad Bunny next to Rauw Alejandro. Everyone was asking for it to come true, since it wouldn’t take long for him to become the king of the dance floor.

Well then. Now the interpreter of Saturn has shared a video on his TikTok account with a fragment of the song, which has given his fans enough reasons to get their hopes up that Where She Goes Remix it’s going to come true.


out there, what are you doing????

♬ original sound – RARAUWPR

“Take it out, Rauw,” say numerous followers in the comments of the publication. “IT’S A GREAT THEME RAUW RELEASE IT THAT I LOVE”, adds another euphoric fan. “We all want this version of the song” and “Rauw, however you bring up this song, I’ll shave my head and dye my hair white” are other messages that can be read.

Could the publication of this video be a clue that we will soon hear a collaboration between Rauw Alejandro and Bad Bunny? We will have to wait to find out. What is clear is that it is the desire of millions of people and that they will not tire of asking for it until they achieve it.

Rauw, one of the stars of the Latin Grammys

The Puerto Rican was present at the celebration of the 2023 Latin Grammy Awards in Seville. He went on stage at the gala, where he performed Don’t let me go, he’s gone and Baby Hello. For the latter, Juanes accompanied him with the sound of his guitar riffs. A unique moment!

In fact, after the success of his tribute to Laura Pausini, many have also requested the official release of his version of Se Fue. Will you dare to do it?


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