Rayden also gets wet about Zorra de Nebulossa: “It’s not what we deserve… it’s what we need”

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Zorra de Nebulossa’s victory at the Benidorm Fest 2024 continues to give a lot to talk about 72 hours later. The duo will represent Spain in the Eurovision 2024 festival to be held in Malmo (Sweden) and that has not sat well with some ultra-conservative sectors of Spanish society, which is already generating noise and controversy on social networks.

Because someone may not not like a song, but it is a very different thing to criticize the sexual orientation, the ideology of a song, or condemn the fact that a woman is empowered. Little by little, voices are emerging that defend our representatives: from the president of the government to artists like Rayden.

Through his official account on social networks he has shown a definitive statement about the song that is indisputable: “It’s not what we deserve… it’s what we need.” Rayden has once again been very critical of what is happening on the networks and that reminds us of the bullying that he suffered at Chanel with her Slo-Mo.

“Enjoy what was voted. 🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊 It was not a reason for debate until it materialized as a winning proposal. The moment @nebulossa_oficial raised the trophy, a sector of the population tore their clothes and the foundations of the city trembled. This extensive bull’s skin. It usually happens. In this country we are all free to give our opinion, until the oppressed one takes the lead. Then, everything becomes a ‘give your opinion, but do it quietly, be careful.’ a little bit of class’, ‘I’m not homophobic, but what need do they have to kiss in the street’, ‘You dress however you want, but you look like a slut'” the interpreter begins by explaining.

'Slut'  becomes the third most viral song in the world on Spotify
‘Zorra’ becomes the third most viral song in the world on Spotify

“Five letters. Five like ‘the wolf has five little wolves’. Five letters have been enough for today to be a national debate: BITCH. A white letter without spice or trickery. A message that portrays a good part of society where, just one woman is considered free, healed, empowered and self-sufficient to be given that name. A staging in which the group takes over the story of prejudice, I feel like the madam of burlesque censors every obtuse mind that denigrates what it cannot possess. Today, even the president has given his opinion. Enjoy what was voted, because it is not what we deserve as a country. It is what we need” concludes the artist who a few weeks ago already experienced several episodes of ideological confrontation when canceling a concert organized by a city council in the hands of the ultra-right.

It was a matter of time The debate will take place beyond the musical field due to the important meaning of the lyrics of the song. And to think that he could win the Eurovision Song Contest is something that these sectors consider too dangerous. This has also been made clear by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez: “It seems to me that feminism is not only fair, but that it is fun. This type of provocation necessarily has to come from culture. The fachosphere would have liked to have the Face the sun, but I like this type of song.”


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