Rayden explains the controversy of Lucas who stated that he had to reject Benidorm Fest to be in OT

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Everything that revolves around Triumph operation takes on a tremendous dimension and what may be a simple comment can open debates and fill headlines, especially if it is associated with another great event with great fandom such as the Benidorm Festival.

Last January 15 Lucas Curottoone of the academy’s contestants, who is nominated as a favorite for many, left everyone shocked when he told his classmates that he had to decide between Triumph operation either Benidorm Festival.

After the castings and until the beginning of the program, he found himself with that dilemma: “During the month of waiting they called me for the Benidorm Fest and I said no because of OT”. It is clear what his final decision was.

Although the contest did not start on a very good foot and was among the first nominees, his evolution over the last few weeks has made him one of the most outstanding students and loved by the public and teachersSo, we could think that he did not make a mistake in his decision.

But of course, when he made that comment, Raydenwho was one of the advisors in the selection of candidates for Benidorm Festival, shared a meme that raised doubts about what Lucas had said and which he quickly deleted. She turned to a photograph of Ryan Gosling when he won at the Critics Choice with the song I’m Just Kenof Barbieletting it slip that what Lucas had said was not true.

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Now that Rayden is promoting his new novel, VerTele has spoken with him to ask him about the subject and has once again denied that the Uruguayan presented a song.

This person had not sent anythingand look, there have been more than 800 songs,” he says after admitting that he is not following the program and had to look up who Lucas was.

“I think that Just like what they invited him to is the camp.. Or that, perhaps, they did write to her from her recruitment office to send songs in case she wanted to participate. And maybe there he would say: ‘No, I’m looking to go to OT, about to be selected or I’ve already been selected.’ And, due to dates, it was evidently not possible. But no song has been sent“, Explain.

He insists that there is no Lucas song for Benidorm Festival. “I think it is bad communication and that What happens in OT quickly takes on a whole dimension. If you put it together with another whale like the Benidorm Fest, it is easy to get people talking,” she says.

To know the other version we will have to wait for Lucas to leave the program, although many want it to be as late as possible.


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