Rebel’s report card for the cover evening of the 2024 Sanremo Festival


Rebel’s report card for the cover evening of the 2024 Sanremo Festival

Yesterday was a truly spectacular evening, the level of duets and covers was of the highest level. Almost all the competing singers managed to make us emotional, sing and dance, but unfortunately the behavior of the audience in the room was nothing short of shameful.

Rating 0 to the audience of the Ariston theatre

How embarrassing and shameful to see the people in the room booing the victory of Geolier who performed with Guè, Luchè and Gigi D’Alessio. And what a shame to see the theater half empty when Geolier performed for the second time. You may not like him and he understands it very well, but everyone deserves respect, even rap artists. A real mess.

Rating 9 for Geolier

He brought Guè, Luchè and Gigi D’Alessio with a medley entitled “Strade” (“Brivido”, “O’ primmo ammore” and “Chiagne”) and won. And he deserves it, because he brought a bit of hip hop to Sanremo. Because yes Brivido is hip hop and the verse added by Geolier really suited us well.

He would have won by a landslide if he had brought Lazza to sing Chiagne instead of Gigi D’Alessio, but the performance was really strong.

Rating 7.5 for Fred De Palma

Fred De Palma brought the Eiffel 65 to the Ariston stage for a full-dance madley, but the exciting thing is that Fred freestyled on that stage. What can I say, great!

Rating 8 for the Rich and Poor

Put Ricchi e Poveri and Paola and Chiara together with the songs of Ricchi e Poveri and it’s immediately a huge party. You just can’t sit still and shut up when they sing their greatest hits, sure they played at home, but they did exactly what we all wanted from them.

Rating 8 for Ghali

Ghali is truly having a spectacular Sanremo. The choice to bring Italiano was the right one and in perfect harmony with the message he wanted to send with his song, Casa Mia. E Italiano sang it really well and was also in perfect harmony with Cara Italia. A beautiful medley by Ghali, who also sang in Arabic, and managed to tell and collect in music his origins and our Italy.

Rating 6 for Angelina Mango

Angelina likes to win easily and brings her father Mango’s string quartet and La Rondine. She’s good, but very far from the intensity and voice of her father, yet everyone praises her, with Rolling Stone Italia even giving her an 11 on her report card. I wonder do they pay them to push her in this absurd way?

Don’t worry, in the end you pushed her so much that you let her win Sanremo.

Rating 8 for Mahmood

With Bitti Mahmood’s Tenores he sings How Deep the Sea by Lucio Dalla, a spectacular moment. He was perfect in his performance, intense, touching and managed to make it one of the most beautiful songs in Italian music.

Rating 6 for La Sad

What better song for La Sad than Lamette with Donatella Rettore? It’s a shame that they were too busy being punk posers and making a bit of a mess instead of putting on a cleaner performance.

Rating 7 for Alessandra Amoroso

He sang with BoomDaBash a medley of “Le Radici Ca Teni”, “Mambo Salentino” and “Karaoke”.

She and BoomDaBash have dominated several summers and therefore re-proposing their hits was a must, but bringing The Roots to Keep You was spectacular.

Rating 6 for Rose Villain

Rose Villain brings Gianna Nannini and a madley of “Scandalo”, “Marvelous creature” and “Sei nell’anima”. Gianna Nannini is immense as always, Rose Villain tries but being on stage with Nannini is not easy, because her voice completely overwhelms you. She sings Nannini and Rose Villain disappears.

Vote 7 to Bnkr44

They bring “But what idea” by Pino D’Angiò with Pino D’Angiò and they rock.

7 to Emma

He brings Bresh and together they sing a madley by Tiziano Ferro (“Imbranato”, “Non me lo so explain” and “Sere nere”) all to be sung and the two of them were truly in perfect harmony.


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