Rebel’s report card for the second evening of the 2024 Sanremo Festival


Rebel’s report card for the second evening of the 2024 Sanremo Festival

Luckily, last night there were only 15 singers competing…

I must say that Geolier is very good and managed to place first in the rankings thanks to televoting and the support of a large part of the rap scene.

Rating 10 for La Sad which presents Renga and Nek

If they had told us that one day we would see all 5 of them side by side we wouldn’t have believed it. Score 10 also for the La Sad outfit with the jackets that reproduce Amadeus in the Sad version on the back.

Rating 9 for singers who present other singers

Initially this news seemed like half bullshit but instead it works. It was pleasant to see Fred De Palma presented by Ghali, Il Volo by Rose Villain, Mahmood by Alessandra Amoroso, Dargen D’Amico by Diodato, but above all Sangiovanni presenting Her Majesty Loredana Bertè.

Score 10 for Loredana Bertè

Amazing. Cool, she with that white shirt with feathers, the song is very beautiful. She is a true queen.

Rating 3 for Romagna Mia

It’s okay that it’s the Italian song festival, but the step from festival to sausage festival was all too short. A little curtain that none of us really deserved.

Vote 10 for John Travolta dancing Il Ballo del Qua Qua

We are in the multiverse and no one has told us anything? A moment so cringe that it becomes iconic.

Enjoy the video while it lasts, because this morning the good Travolta realized that he had screwed up and didn’t sign the release to broadcast the qua qua dance again, so the scene can no longer be broadcast on TV.

Score 6 for Rosa Chemical

Guest of the evening, Rosa Chemical, last year’s “disturber” element and source of gossip, was unusually sober. He sang Made in Italy and the new single “BLACKOUT”, which will be released on Friday 1 March.

Rating 7 for BigMama

She was teased for looking like Medusa from the Little Mermaid, and last night she showed up with a Madonna (the singer) look, a bit of a gotik style. She goes on stage decidedly more confident than the previous evening, she goes all out and in the end convinces.

Rating 4 for Dargen D’Amico

He was one of the most interesting and refined pens of Italian rap, he ended up playing the clown (for the second time) at the Sanremo Festival, showing us the most kitsch version of himself. It is understood that he is looking for popularity, but even less…

Rating 7 for Fred De Palma

The song is very convincing, it has an excellent rhythm, decent lyrics perfect for Sanremo and a hit chorus. There are those who criticize him, but he will be used to this. After all, FDP has been criticized for years for starting to make reggaeton, but in the end he was right, racking up platinum records and finishing first in the charts in Spain too.

Rating 10 for Mahmood

The look is very cool as always, this time by Rick Owens. Mahmood has the most interesting, cool and international song of the whole Festival.

Rating 8 for Il Tre

He is not considered a rapper by many, most of the scene snubs him, but he is more of a rapper than many rappers in Sanremo. Tre brings extrabeat to the stage of the Ariston Theatre.

Rating 5 for Mare Fuori

For goodness sake, I like the series and also Matteo Paolillo’s song and I understand the importance of promoting a Rai product, which is coming out with the fourth season, but re-proposing the cast and the theme song like last year is a superfluous déjà vu.


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