Rebel’s report card for the third evening of the 2024 Sanremo Festival


Rebel’s report card for the third evening of the 2024 Sanremo Festival

I’ll start immediately with two nice controversies.

The first concerns rap. There are rap artists competing, but no one raps, so what’s the point of saying “rap in Sanremo” if no one raps? The only one who has put a bit of rap into it with a lot of extrabeat is Il Tre, but not being among the top players in the sector, he is practically ignored.

Vote 9 for Il Tre’s extrabeat

The song may not be the best, but at least it brings us some rap.

The second controversy concerns Angelina Mango. The song is also nice, catchy, fresh, but the sense of pushing it as if it were a pop star? I don’t understand all these very high marks in the report cards of Italian journalists. Are we sure that she is being pushed because she is number one at the Festival and not because she is the daughter of?

Rating 8 for Ghali

Here Ghali found his dimension with one of the best songs of the Festival. It has a meaning, a social criticism, it’s well written and it’s a beautiful song. Furthermore he resumes his passion for Michael Jackson with a look like the King of Pop.

Rating 8 for Geolier who presents La Sad

La Sad is the revelation of the Festival. Ok they are not perfect in singing, but the song is very significant and the combination with their looks is crazy.

Then seeing Geolier introducing them was one of the best moments of the evening.

Rating 10 for Russell Crowe

“He comes specially from Australia at his own expense, he comes for the pleasure of being there.”

Russell Crowe really came at his own expense, he decided not to receive any compensation and he is great for showing up like this for free. Furthermore, the actor demonstrated that he was at ease on stage and that he was really there because he wanted to be there.

Rating 6 for Rose Villain

Maybe in the end she will be the one who brings home a good chunk of new audiences. The song is not a masterpiece, but she knows how to be on stage, she has an unconventional and not “old” beauty and look and basically that click boom gets into your head.

No vote for Giuliano Sangiorgi kissing Emma

I don’t know, but hadn’t these kisses in Sanremo gone out of fashion? This moment may have woken up some old lady curled up on the sofa, but it’s still cringe.


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