Rebel’s report card from the first evening of the 2024 Sanremo Festival


Rebel’s report card from the first evening of the 2024 Sanremo Festival

I don’t know how, but I managed to survive the first evening, where thirty and I underline THIRTY competing singers performed. The usual tour de force, which in the end seems like an endurance game that puts us to the test every year. This year I must say that the songs were mostly boring, there wasn’t one that made me jump on the sofa, like the various catchphrases at Chemistry, Dove si balla, Ciao Ciao, or Furore, in short that little song a little silly but it cheers you up when you get hooked.

We don’t even have a great representative of the rap world. There’s Geolier, which however wasn’t the best version of Geolier.

Rating 10 for Amadeus. For having arrived at the fifth consecutive festival he is either crazy, or masochistic, or paid very well. Amadeus is always Amadeus and in recent years he has become one of the locals, you already know what it will be like and what to expect.

Rating 10 for Lazza.

Super guest from Piazza Colombo, Lazza arrives in a tracksuit with huge black glasses, a bit like when I go down to bring the dog, except that his tracksuit will cost 10k, but details. He arrives and rocks, because, put it however you want, but Lazza is always a guarantee.

Score 7 for Marco Mengoni. The winner of last edition arrives as co-host. He does his thing when he sings, but when he starts doing the gags you can tell very well that he tried, but maybe it would have been better if he hadn’t tried.

However, he did one thing: it is the first meme of the Festival.

Vote 10 for Jannik Sinner.

But Jannik Sinner wasn’t there and indeed, I vote 10 because he refused with a noble “no, thanks, it’s not mine and I have to train”. And he did well, because despite Ibrahimovic’s great return, athletes have absolutely nothing to do with it. Just like Federica Brignone, who was cute, for goodness sake, but inevitably out of place, the classic fish out of water.

Score 10 for Loredana Bertè.

He’s been rocking all his life, and he’s always rocking. With her voice, with her look, with her presence.

Rating 7 for La Sad.

Already criticized because they are not real punks, because they can’t sing, while Sid Vicious is turning in his grave. Yes I also read this on Instagram, too bad the Sex Pistols couldn’t sing or play. La Sad arrives with a mega irreverent look and brings us a well done pop punk song with a super positive message aimed at stopping suicides. Good guys.

Rating 5 for Dargen D’Amico.

Rating 10 for the courage to go around with the teddy bears, 10 and praise for the speech on Gaza, even if a little out of place, but the song doesn’t hold up.

Rating 7 for Geolier.

Extremely criticized in the comments on the Festival’s official Instagram page by people who don’t understand Neapolitan and why at the Italian song festival he sings in Neapolitan, as if Naples were in Brazil. Oh well, we expected Geolier to be the Lazza of this edition, but he isn’t. The song is weaker, melodic, not impactful. It’s a good song, but Geolier has done and can do much better.

Rating 9 for the Rich and Poor.

Not so much for the song which, if it had been released in the 80s, would have been a hit, but the courage to tie them together with a giant red bow.

Rating 7.5 for Fred De Palma.

He is proof that if you have a solid foundation you can do anything, from rap, to freestyle, to reggaeton to dance. It’s a great piece, well written, well sung, energetic and the kick straight to FDP looks really good.

Rating 10 for Mahmood.

Handsome and talented, with an impeccable look and a rocking song. Hands down the best song of the Festival so far. Maybe he won’t win, but he has to be on the podium.

Rating 8 for Ghali.

Well done Ghali. I almost thought that the alien she’s been accompanying for days was the only attraction of his presence at the Festival and instead he silenced me with a really beautiful song.

Rating 5 for Rose Villain.

She’s cute, for goodness sake, the song is also nice, but it hasn’t changed my mind and I continue to think that she remains better in the featurings than in her own songs, especially if we think that this year there are really strong female singers in the competition, like Clara, Angelina Mango and Annalisa.

Rating 9 for Tedua.

Super guest from the floating stage opens and closes the Festival and I must say it was truly amazing.

Rating 9 for Angelina Mango.

I confess that I am not very knowledgeable about Angelina Mango and I didn’t understand why, even before the Festival began, she was among the favourites, then I saw her on stage and I understood. This girl is 22 years old, her first experience in a context like this and she arrives, she eats up the stage and smashes everything. To put it in Salmo’s words, she comes in, she rocks, she goes out, bye.


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