Rebel’s thoughts on the final of the 2024 Sanremo Festival


Rebel’s thoughts on the final of the 2024 Sanremo Festival

In the end Geolier couldn’t wait to go home…. His second place was more than deserved and he earned it above all despite the many controversies he has been the protagonist of in spite of himself in recent days. Starting from the many negative comments that accused him of singing in Neapolitan at the Italian Song Festival, as if Naples were not in Italy. Lewd and racist comments that have invaded social media in recent days. And then the embarrassing boos from the audience in the theater during the covers evening, the same audience that left the theater half empty when Geolier won. And the journalists’ questions “don’t you think you stole the prize?” Stolen?? But how dare they, he won because the televoting voted for him. Point.

There was continuous hatred and boycott towards Geolier from different fronts and it was clear that they didn’t want him to win the Sanremo Festival and it was even clearer last night. More boos in the room when he was first in the provisional ranking, then 60% of votes in the televoting, the highest ever recorded in Sanremo, against the 16% of Angelina Mango, who “magically” won.

I don’t want to say that he should have won, but I can say that it was known that Angelina Mango would win even before the Festival began. It was immediately pushed and promoted in an incredible way by the press, with Rolling Stone Italia in the lead, which even gave her an 11 as a score for the evening of covers. And it was amply demonstrated last night, when the press and the radio changed the fate of the televoting and voted en masse for her, to make her win.

And I wonder how it is possible that a journalist asked Geolier if he had pushed his fans to vote for him 5 times, which is absolutely in line with the rules of televoting and sacrosanct, but no one asked himself why the press had pushed so much to let Mango win. Just like last year happened with Marco Mengoni and Lazza. We all know that the real winner was Lazza, but they wanted Mengoni to triumph.

All this makes me think of only one thing: Italy doesn’t want rap. The average Italian doesn’t like rap and rappers, they are brought to Sanremo, because without them there wouldn’t be the large portion of young audience that the event needs, but then they are put aside, because rap is not music, because music is something else. When it is understood that rap is music and that it is currently the most listened to genre in Italy and that rap records are the best-selling in our country, it will be too late.

And in the end Lazza was right not to present Cento Messaggi at this year’s Festivalto keep it to himself, to just go as a guest, because it wouldn’t have been understood anyway.

I conclude by saying that for once I also agree with Rondodasosa who took Geolier’s side by writing “Geolier won this Festival. The way they behaved towards him is disgusting and is a reflection of how Italy always tries to crush young people who want to make it and if these journalists think they know about music then we are at a loss. This year too you did the circus. Well done”.


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Christopher Johnson

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