Rels B offers “the most important concert” of his life in Madrid in the company of Nicki Nicole, Dellafuente and RVFV

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Excitement and a lot of adrenaline. This is what has been experienced this November 12 at the WiZink Center in Madrid with the help of Relays B after the show at the Palau Sant Jordi on November 10. The successful Mallorcan artist has been the great protagonist of the last hours of the weekend for thousands and thousands of followers who did not want to miss an unforgettable show and which, as Rels himself confessed on stage, has been “the best” of his career. WECB Urban did not want to miss our appointment.

This Sunday, the old Palacio de los Deportes in Madrid witnessed a good musical review of the career of our protagonist. And he has not only performed songs from his latest studio album AfroLOVA23′but other songs have also been heard that justify its international success.

Around 9:00 p.m., AfroLOVA’ began to play to start the show. The screams in unison took over a WiZink Center to the brim that welcomed an audience of all ages willing to give their all with each song. And there was a concert coming up of approximately 30 songswith which Rels B made sure that no one was left wanting to enjoy any of their repertoire. “Madrid, you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this show. I’ve been touring for 3 years and for me this is the most important date of my life”he said on stage.

Rels B in their concert at the WiZink Center (Madrid) / Mariano Regidor

Songs like Shorty Good luck to you <3, The Prison and Smile These are some of the songs that set the pace for Rels B’s Madrid night. But the Mallorcan did not take the stage alone. He was accompanied by artists of the stature of Nicki Nicole, Dellafuente and RVFV, who surprised the thousands present with the collaborations they share. What’s Up with Me?, Good Genes and My Light sounded before the audience singing in unison.

Rels B and Nicki Nicole on stage / Photo: Nil Ventura

Rels B and Nicki Nicole on stage / Photo: Nil Ventura

But there was still time to experience even stronger emotions. When the first chords sounded Better not see each other, the artist decided to shorten the distance with his fans and got off the stage to perform it a few centimeters from the audience. Definitely, one of the highlights of the night.

But the show had to come to an end, and those in charge of concluding it were What’s Around Herea song that was released before the release of his album AfroLOVA23′, and I Don’t Know If You Don’t.

Rels B, delivered at their concert at the WiZink Center (Madrid)

Rels B, delivered at their concert at the WiZink Center (Madrid) / Mariano Regidor

Adrenaline, emotions on the surface, a totally dedicated audience and an unforgettable concert in the career of Rels B. This is how a night at the WiZink Center in Madrid ends thanks to one of the most relevant figures in the urban music scene at the level National and international.


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