Residente, more tired than ever, announces his new (and last?) album with the participation of Najwa Nimri

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The music of Resident It has been present for several generations. Her lyrics have had an impact internationally, serving as a tool in many social struggles. The Puerto Rican has been delighting us with his talent for no more and no less than 20 years, always being faithful to his ideas and rejecting the hypocrisy that exists in the industry and which he himself has spoken about on several occasions.

Now, and after six years without launching a new project, the former member of Calle 13 returns more clear and sincere than ever. And just a few hours ago he announced the release of his (last?) studio album Letters Don’t Matter Anymoreserving as a denunciation of the industry and the posture that exists in it. It will go on sale on February 22.

The announcement of the album’s release comes with a video starring the rapper and the Spanish actress Najwa Nimri, who takes on the role of her psychologist. In one session, she helps him imagine an idyllic scenario for him in which the “hits can last eight minutes”, “there are no more stupid songs”, “no Tik Tok dances”. “Influencers no longer exist and you don’t need to model to be an artist. Artists dress badly, just like you. Digital music platforms are no longer interested in numbers. Now they are interested in creativity and musical composition”, his “psychologist” tells him. He, after putting all these ideas in his imagination and thinking that they are real, opens his eyes with a smile from ear to ear.

But in the advertisement, the artist goes further. He takes the opportunity to dedicate a reflection to all his fans. “I haven’t gone out in a long time… I don’t have the same spirits as I did 20 years ago. I’ve wanted to do other things for a long time. I want to make movies, write a book, I don’t want to have to go on tour, I want to be with my son much more, no “I want to do interviews, I want to draw again, I want to make music out of pleasure not out of necessity and I want to say goodbye but I don’t want to. Among all the things I want and don’t want, this album comes out on February 22. (R)”it says in the description.

What is clear is that Residente has grown tired of the industry, and it seems that he will say goodbye to it for a while. Is this the announcement of his retirement? We will have to wait to find out. Now the countdown begins to enjoy Letters Don’t Matter Anymore.


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