Results of the COAC 2024 final: these are the winners of the Cádiz Carnival contest

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The Official Competition of Carnival Groups (COAC) of Cádiz has marked the beginning of 2024 and also of the Carnivals. This Friday, February 9, the final of the contest was held at the Gran Teatro Falla, after experiencing the quarterfinal phase and the semifinals full of emotion.

The 2024 COAC has been divided into 17 sessions in preliminaries, seven in quarterfinals and four semifinals. During these sessions, 109 groups They have taken to the stage of the Gran Teatro Falla to celebrate the Cádiz Carnivals in style. During the final, 15 groups participated, which were divided into four performance blocks.

The blocks were composed in this way: four choirs (The Guild, Paradise, The Fireflies and The illuminated), four troupes (The black sheep, The sacrificed, The jeweler and hang them), fourth chirigotas (We won’t even feel hungry, The Grinch of Cai, I have told you 1,748,564 times that I am not exaggerating and The invisible street) and three quartets (Punk and circus, In my booth there is room for everyone and The coconuts of Cádiz).

Winners of the COAC 2024 final

After a long night at the Gran Teatro Falla, These are the winning groups of COAC 2024:


  • WINNER: ‘The Illuminated’
  • ‘The Fireflies’
  • ‘The Paradise’
  • ‘The Guild’


  • WINNER: ‘Exaggerate them’
  • ‘The grinch of Cádiz’
  • ‘The invisible street’
  • ‘We won’t even feel hunger’


  • WINNER: ‘The Black Sheep’
  • ‘The hang’
  • ‘Sacrifice them’
  • ‘The jeweler’


  • WINNER: ‘Los cocos de Cádiz’
  • ‘Punk and circus, the fight continues’
  • ‘Everyone fits in my booth’

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