Review: blink-182 – “One More Time”


“One More Time” is an honest, heartfelt, sanctifying and above all therapeutic record. A record that first of all rebuilds a friendship, that between Mark, Tom and Travis, and then also goes beyond blink themselves.

The three members of the band have been on a roller coaster in recent years. They flew high, touched the sky with a finger but then also fell into the darkest abysses.
Life offered them dramas and successes. Illness, pain, depression, accidents, separations there are all the scars of when life hits you hard, but there is also the desire to look forward, the desire to get back on track and start again and to do this they have chosen their friendship and their music.

“One More Time” is the result of all this and it’s a really good record.

In the seventeen tracks there is the essence of these almost thirty years of music, made of memory, memories, episodes, irony and love.

The three, approaching their fifties, are mature but still have a lot of energy and above all a great desire to have fun, do, sing and scream.

I expected blink like this on a record! A roller coaster here too, with super tight songs, songs to sing at the top of your lungs and reflective ballads.

Ladies and gentlemen here is blink-182!!!

SCORE: 7.00


Anthem Part 3 – One More Time – More than You Know


Nothing! A trip with them… another time!


Anthem Part 3
Dance with Me
Fell in Love
One More Time
More than You Know
Turn This Off!
When We Were Young
You Don’t Know What You’ve Got
Blink Wave
Bad News
Hurt (Interlude)
Fuck Face
Other Side


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