Review: COLAPESCE DIMARTINO – “Lux Eterna Beach”


Listening to a Colapesce Dimartino album means dedicating time to it. You can’t put it in the background, or rather, you can’t just put it in the background.

Their music is simply complex. A sonic oxymoron that deserves further study: lyrics, melody, details, arrangements, orchestrations, atmospheres, balance.

“Lux Eterna Beach”, their new album, is the passage of time. A layered sound project that makes sense from start to finish.

A record that lives, unfolds and above all plays in a “non-place”, the Lux Eterna Beach, a beach that is a “Solitary Beach” of our times.

Metaphysical, surreal space that begins with a light that grazes the beach and that in the end makes everyone agree.

It’s their first song, in fact The light that cuts across the beach made everyone agree, the conceptual manifesto of the album. Listening to the song you are projected into a painting by De Chirico, with long shadows, the high, baking sun and empty, slow landscapes.

A record that also sounds political. Right hand guy it is an open song that talks about today and describes a social cross-section in a poetic and raw way, without ever judging, where some stereotyped images, deliberately inserted into the text, make the narrative stronger.

Their sound universe passes through Battiato and Battisti passing through the singer-songwriter conceptuality of the Italian tradition, up to the zenith with The sailors, an unpublished song, a poem, written and sung by Ivan Graziani, which remained in a drawer for a long time, which the great artist’s family wanted to be completed by the two songwriters. Dreamlike, emotional and current.

Among the songs too Maybe tomorrowa song where Joan Thiele is guest and protagonist and wraps around ColaDima and the sound of the sitar until reaching an ending full of prog-like keyboards.

The stay at Lux Eterna Beach ends with the instrumental title track, a piece that exudes, in its orchestral approach, Trust by The Cure. A deliberate and declared quote which is the perfect conclusion to the album.

A record that is an imaginative and also cinematic dream, full of quotes, contemporaneity, images of the past, present and future.
Difficult to leave Lux Eterna Beach!!!

SCORE: 7.75


The light that cuts across the beach made everyone agree – The sailors (feat. Ivan Graziani) – Lux Eterna Beach


Nothing! It all works from start to finish.


The light that cuts across the beach made everyone agree
Sex and architecture
Right hand guy
Maybe tomorrow
30,000 euros
The Sailors (feat. Ivan Graziani)
Crazy things
Not even with God
Lux Eterna Beach


2020 – The mortals
2023 – Lux Eterna Beach



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