Review: DAFT PUNK – “Random Access Memories (Drumless Edition)”


Daft Punk, despite their dissolution, remain a musical cell that is always active, pulsating and generating.

For the tenth year of the release of their latest and historic album “Random Access Memories” they have decided, in addition to rereleasing the album filled with bonuses, to decompose it and bring it to its essence.

In this new version of the album, all drum and percussion elements have been eliminated to leave the sound composition to its essence.
An ambitious and very risky operation, especially if we think that Daft Punk made much of their success precisely due to the impact that drums and percussion have on their music.


Almost an architectural, didactic and academic operation to demonstrate how their music can still work even if one of its supporting elements is removed. The keyboards, the piano, the guitar (by Nile Rodgers), the bass, the strings take the stage, stand out and conquer!

It’s amazing how the entire sound system continues to work perfectly.

Their music takes on an evening dress, becomes almost classical (Within) or epic and painful (Touch), the detail becomes essential.
Listen Lose Yourself to Dance and tell me if Nile Rodgers’ guitar or Pharell’s voice purified by toms and snares doesn’t immediately envelop you.

Even a global hit like Get Lucky it works the same, although I think the original has not one but a couple of extra gears!


I don’t know which of the two versions I prefer. Clearly when I listen to the songs it seems to me that they are a sort of infinite intro and I always expect the rhythm to start from one moment to the next, but perhaps this latency helps me to appreciate certain harmonizations, arrangements and stylistic solutions that in the version of I’ve lost sight of the basics.


Listened to it over and over again, I really like it but… I prefer the original!
Excellent style exercise. Daft Punk are always ahead of their time.

SCORE: 8.50


The Game of Love – Giorgio by Moroder – Within


But there’s no question of skipping anything, not even the hyper-heartfelt Get Lucky


1. Give Life Back to Music (Drumless Edition)
2. The Game of Love (Drumless Edition)
3. Giorgio by Moroder (Drumless Edition)
4.Within (Drumless Edition)
5. Instant Crush (Drumless Edition) (feat. Julian Casablancas)
6. Lose Yourself to Dance (Drumless Edition) (feat. Pharrell Williams)
7. Touch (Drumless Edition) (feat. Paul Wiliams)
8. Get Lucky (Drumless Edition) (feat. Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers)
9. Beyond (Drumless Edition)
10. Motherboard (Drumless Edition)
11. Fragments of Time (Drumless Edition) (feat. Todd Edwards)
12. Doin’ it Right (Drumless Edition) (feat. Panda Bear)
13. Contact (Drumless Edition)

1997 – Homework
2001 – Discovery
2005 – Human After All
2013 – Random Access Memories



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