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“CVLT” is a record that even before the music celebrates a relationship of esteem between Salmo & Noyz Narcos and above all a common passion, that towards horror and all that splatter and gore subculture.

A record that had been in the air for a decade. An intent that then became reality. Their style of forging bars and crafting their songs has always embraced the world of horror.
A sacred alliance that fuses and mixes different rap explosives but which ultimately take energy from the same socio-cultural bases.

A joint album between the two was inevitable!

Fifteen songs that have the production of Luciennn, Sine, Ford78 and Salmo himself.

Only three feats, that of Marracash in the Prodigy-inspired piece “Respira”, Kid Yugi in the title track and Coez and Frah Quintale who make it super hip hop and very stylish My Love Song 2.
A very specific choice to avoid making the usual album filled with famous collaborations that work almost only on a marketing level.

To understand the impact of the album, just listen Anthem, the first track of the album, a manifesto and almost a self-celebration of the two.

An absolutely cult project, not for kids!


1) ANTHEM (Luciennn)
“Manifesto of two legendary careers”: this is how ANTHEM, the song that inaugurates the album, could be summed up. Produced by Luciennn, Anthem is a seamless alternation of references – both textual and in production – to some of Noyz Narcos and Salmo’s most iconic songs, throwing bars in rapid fire, exchanging each other’s songs. Punchlines and interlockings strike the listener right away, retracing tracks like “Attica” or “La Prima Volta”.

2) CRINGE (Luciennn, Psalm)
Salmo immediately takes on the role of producer and together with Luciennn gives life to CRINGE.
An exercise in style in which Noyz Narcos and Salmo alternate without fear of provoking, sometimes in an irreverent way, other times with wordplay, quotations, references. All on a production with a classic, timeless flavour.

Dark and dark atmospheres, protagonists of much of Salmo and Noyz Narcos’ repertoire, appear in INCUBI, produced by Sine. A sometimes gore imagery, clear in its brutality, develops throughout the track, in which there is no shortage of homages to classics such as “Don’t sleep” together with a clear reference to the nursery rhyme from the “Nightmare” saga.

4) BREATHE ft. Marracash (Sine)
Appetizer of the project presented live on stage during the Milanese stage of Marrageddon, RESPIRA is one of the very few collaborations desired by Noyz Narcos and Salmo in CVLT. Marracash aligns perfectly with the mood and atmosphere of the song, produced by Sine and characterized by a sample of the Prodigy song “Breathe” (from which the title also comes). It is a song with a hardcore feel, on which the three rappers let off steam without hesitations, hairless
on the tongue. Unstoppable.

5) MIRACLE (Luciennn, Psalm)
MIRACLE – which sees Luciennn and Salmo producing – is one of the points in which CVLT reveals a more intimate, less disruptive, deeper aspect. Salmo opens the track with a slower flow, the opposite of the previous ones, and the result is a twilight piece, with multiple levels of interpretation.

6) CVLT ft. Kid Yugi (Sine, Psalm)
Second collaboration of the project, Kid Yugi now appears in the title track. Perhaps the artist of the new generation most inspired by Noyz Narcos and Salmo, the young rapper fits perfectly into the imagery of the song, as impactful in the bars as in the production.

7) BRUJERIA (Sine)
The supernatural returns to peep out in BRUJERIA, produced by Sine. A dark, pressing, almost distressing instrumental that hypnotizes the listener while Salmo and Noyz Narcos paint images that draw heavily from esotericism and mysticism, right from the title – “brujeria” is, in fact, the Spanish term for “witchcraft”, as well as a clear homage to the Mexican death-grind metal band of the same name.

8) CROSSES AND CHRISTS (Sine, Luciennn)
Sine and Luciennn draw heavily from the Truce sound to produce CROCI E CRISTI, giving life to an instrumental that strikes and surprises, with an unexpected switch halfway through the track, on which both Salmo and Noyz Narcos don’t give up an inch.

Sequel to one of the most famous songs in Noyz Narcos’ discography. Produced by Sine, MY LOVE SONG 2 enlists exceptional guests such as Coez & Frah Quintale. An atypical love track, like the original, which deals with the feeling with the typical ways and tones of two rappers like Noyz Narcos and Salmo. A lethal mix between “My Love Song” and “Black Widow”.

10) KILOMETERS (Luciennn)
On the tenth track, Salmo and Noyz Narcos also bring biographical echoes of their respective lives and careers to the album, realizing that they have traveled quite a long way, without ever stopping. Thus was born CHILOMETRI, a song with solemn and evocative atmospheres.

11) CURSED (Sine, Ford78)
Sine and Ford78 join forces to produce MALEDETTI. Characterized by almost swinging flows, but accompanied by a very decisive delivery, the track is striking by virtue of the fact that Noyz Narcos and Salmo make the most of a decisive, but at times delicate instrumental.

12) GRINDHOUSE (Luciennn)
CVLT could not miss a tribute to one of the directors most cited, appreciated and venerated by the two rappers. GRINDHOUSE clearly manifests his intentions from the beginning: for those who haven’t caught the reference, the advice is to run and recover the 2007 film directed by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

13) MATRYOSKA (Sine)
Sine cleverly plays with a piano twist to produce MATRIOSKA, capturing the listener’s attention from the first note. An unusual ballad, along the lines of MY LOVE SONG 2 but decidedly more extreme and direct.

14) NIGHTCRAWLERS (Luciennn)
“We have a full tank, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark, and we’re both wearing sunglasses”: the voice of the Blues Brothers opens NIGHTCRAWLERS, the penultimate track on CVLT, produced by Luciennn. An energetic, pressing song, which surprises with sounds that move away from the darker and more classic atmospheres of the rest of the album.

15) THE END (Sine)
THE END is, as the title suggests, the track that closes CVLT’s journey. Sine builds the outro of the album on an almost melancholic blues guitar, which dictates the atmosphere of the song: a bittersweet ending, after an adventure full of emotions.

SCORE: 7.00


Anathem – Breathe – My Love Song 2


Not to be skipped… Only for strong rappers!!!


BREATHE ft. Marracash
CVLT ft. Kid Yugi
MY LOVE SONG 2 ft. Coez & Frah Quintale



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