Review: TAYLOR SWIFT – “1989 (Taylor’s Version)”


Before writing this review I read some of the comments on the album in the international press. I was amazed by the flood of five stars that this Taylor Version of “1989” achieved.

We have known for some time that Taylor Swift is the perfect prototype of the global pop star, and the numbers and records she continues to set are the mathematical demonstration of her power, fame and talent: record-breaking albums, record-breaking tours, record-breaking films. A perfect pop machine!

But honestly I didn’t expect such unanimous consensus.

“1989 (Taylor’s Version)” is the fourth re-recording of Taylor Swift’s discography. Perfect marketing operation which as a sop inside features 5 new songs.

As for “1989” there is little to say. It was a perfect pop product in 2014 and is still incredibly relevant today in 2023.
The new versions sound louder and smoother than the original, they are improved, updated and Taylor’s singing is more mature than a decade ago.

As for the “From the Vaults” bonus tracks, i.e. the unreleased songs dating back to the time of each album’s creation, the five on 1989 range from Say Don’t Go uninspiring collaboration with the veteran singer-songwriter Dianne Warren, to a series of four pieces written together with Jack Antonoff which, having been second choices, perhaps today are even better than the first ones.

To close with the icing on the cake, the deluxe edition features a re-recorded version of the remix of “Bad Blood”, featuring Kendrick Lamar.

It will be yet another record, the perfect path for his tour and for everything that is the Taylor universe.

She is the undisputed Queen of pop. Who knows what other peaks she will reach…

SCORE: 6.50


The Guardian: 10.00
Nme: 10,oo
Rolling Stone: 10.00
The Telegraph: 10.00
Clash Music: 9.00
The Independent: 6.00


Welcome to New York – Slut! – Bad Blow


Nothing makes you happy to listen to a record from a decade ago again!


Welcome to New York (Taylor’s Version)
Blank Space (Taylor’s Version)
Style (Taylor’s Version)
Out of the Woods (Taylor’s Version)
All You Had to Do Was Stay (Taylor’s Version)
Shake It Off (Taylor’s Version)
I Wish You Would (Taylor’s Version)
Bad Blood (Taylor’s Version)
Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)
How You Get the Girl (Taylor’s Version)
This Love (Taylor’s Version)
I Know Places (Taylor’s Version)
Clean (Taylor’s Version)
Wonderland (Taylor’s Version)
You Are in Love (Taylor’s Version)
New Romantics (Taylor’s Version)

“Slut!” (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)
Say Don’t Go (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)
Now That We Don’t Talk (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)
Suburban Legends (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)
Is It Over Now? (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)
Bad Blow feat. Kendrick Lamar (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)


2006 – Taylor Swift
2008 – Fearless
2010 – Speak Now
2012 – Red
2014 – 1989
2017 – Reputation
2019 – Lover
2020 – Folklore
2020 – Evermore
2022 – Midnights

Re-recorded albums
2021 – Fearless (Taylor’s Version)
2012 – Red (Taylor’s Version)
2023 – Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)
2023 – 1989 (Taylor’s Version)



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