Rio de Janeiro welcomes Taylor Swift with a projection on the statue of Christ the Redeemer

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Taylor Swift is about to say goodbye to the The Eras Tourat least until 2024. The singer performs tonight the first of six concerts in Brazil, which begins by hanging the sold-out billboard for three nights in a row at the Nilton Santos Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro and then moving to São Paulo, where she will put the finishing touch to a year full of records, album releases and income on November 26.

Throughout his time in the United States We already saw how cities paid tribute to Tennessee in different ways: changing the name of the stadium or the city where she performed, granting her the title of honorary mayor or giving her the keys to the city.

With these precedents, the city of Rio de Janeiro could not be left behind, and during this night something happened that is very rarely reserved for artists and bands: The t-shirt that Taylor Swift wears during the video clip of You Belong With Me and that represents his second musical stage, the era of Fearless (Taylor’s Version).

It’s okay, I already did my part! But we have to thank Father Omar and you can collaborate by offering your donation to Starting today, I ask all fan clubs to direct their requests to the Shrine of Christ the Redeemer and our beloved archdiocese. Friend Father Omar, the ball is in your court! “Wrote Eduardo Paes, mayor of Rio de Janeiro, a few hours ago through his Twitter account.

And it is that If the famous Junior Jewels t-shirt has been able to be projected on the Christ, it is thanks to the mobilization of Brazilian fans since the beginning of this week, who asked their mayor to honor Taylor Swift with this great honor. On November 13, Eduardo Paes echoed the requests and published the following message on his social networks: “Dear Taylor Swift fans. I am going to talk to Father Omar to see if we can carry out this tribute. He is the guy who runs the screenings at the @cristoredentor! His Instagram is @padreomaroficial.”

No sooner said than done. The objective has been met and We have been able to witness a tribute that in an exceptional way has been directed to a singer and not to the national team’s soccer team, as has happened on other occasions. One more proof, of course, of what Taylor Swift and her fans are capable of achieving. She is living history of music and the most important artist of this century.


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