Roma, Emilia’s pet, the only one capable of changing Duki’s plans

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Duki He is experiencing one of his most exciting professional stages. Your girl can say the same thing. Emily, which has also become a true international reference. But even though they are both reaching an uncontrollable level of success and fame, they have shown that they want to keep their feet on the ground and not forget where they come from. It is not an easy task for the stars of the industry, as they end up surrounding themselves with elements and luxuries that tempt them to overlook it.

But this Argentine couple made it very clear to us on the red carpet of WECB Music Awards Santander 2023 that what is between them is pure love. But their busy schedules sometimes force them to distance themselves for a long period of time. Nevertheless, Emilia has found her ideal companion: her dog Roma.

The interpreter of .mp3 In some interviews, he has recalled one of the worst moments he has experienced and that involved his pet. A situation that Duki has now recalled in an interview with David Broncano in The resistance. Roma became intoxicated and had to be admitted to a veterinary hospital, coinciding with the two shows that the Argentine was offering at the River Plate Stadium in his country.

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Well then. What many did not know is that after the last concert, Duki was forced to change his plans and went straight to the vet to take his girl’s pet. This made him cancel the paddle tennis match he had scheduled with Broncano himself the next day, since the main thing for him was the recovery of Rome. Joking about this, the interpreter of Before America has explained to the presenter that the dog has “the Star syndrome”, since “he wants to attract attention”.

This gesture of concern shows more than we imagine. And anyone who has the opportunity to meet Duki assures that he is one of the most humble artists he has ever encountered. “How great the duko is and how happy I am to see him so well. You are great wachooo,” says a user on the networks. “Roma has very good parents,” adds another.

Luckily, Roma recovered and is now home safe and sound and enjoying the company of her owners. Everything was a shock! Who knows? Perhaps Duki and Broncano will resume that paddle tennis match after their concert at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid, which has already posted the “sold out” sign.


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