ROMY (The xx) “She’s On My Mind” (Watch Video)

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British singer, songwriter, producer and DJ Romy has released the video for “She’s On My Mind” from her acclaimed debut solo album “Mid Air” (READ THE REVIEW).

Starring actress Maisie Williams, directed by Vic Lentaigne, Romy’s wife and collaborator, and in partnership with the well-known hair brand Schwarzkopf, the video for “She’s On My Mind” captures the emotion of a night and goes perfectly with the playful euphoria of the song. Co-produced by Fred again…, Stuart Price and Avalon Emerson, “She’s On My Mind” became an album highlight for fans and critics, described by the Guardian as simply “fantastic” and by Pitchfork as “unreservedly joyful ”, as well as a series of awards.


Mid Air is an album about celebration, refuge and salvation on the dance floor. It’s an album that tackles themes of love, grief, relationships, identity and sexuality and is a love letter to the queer clubs where Romy found community and connection. In a way it’s a coming out album, even though she came out in her personal life a long time ago, but it’s also a coming-through album, through pain and heartbreak, into euphoria.

Mid Air sees Romy working again with producers Fred again… and Stuart Price, as well as her bandmate Jamie xx on recent single “Enjoy Your Life”. The album also contains the previous single “Strong”. Mid Air is the perfect embodiment of a sound that Romy describes as “emotional dance music”. It’s a sound destined to unite dance floors, combining Romy’s love of club classics and songwriting, finding the balance, like much of Romy’s favorite music, between euphoria, escapism, sadness and melancholy. .


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