Rookid in ’40 Degrees K’: “If El Cejas returns, I would like it to be in a movie”

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Since we met him in Got Talent Spain At only 17 years old, Diego Arroba has become one of the most important content creators in our country. And is not for less. Not only does he have more than a million followers on Instagram, he also has experience as an actor in films like Father there is only one either Full train. But his passion, without a doubt, is rap. In fact, under the name Rookid, he has been releasing songs for months. The last? I only see the good with you.

Although you may not know this content creator from Diego or Rookid. And many discovered him under the name of El Cejas. This Tuesday, December 12, Rookid has come to chat about his music, his career and his most viral videos at 40 Grados K.

Karin Herrero has tested her guest again with challenges and questions of all kinds. And if anyone knows how to have fun with his guests, it is the Canarian presenter.

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Rookid’s dream

Rookid is clear about what his next goal is in his career: “I have a few things left to accomplish. The first, which is far away, but I want to, is to retire my mother. She works in hospitality. I bought an apartment, but I would like her to retire. and was comfortable.”

“I noticed a lot that people associated me with being a geek for having been on Big Brother,” says the artist. And the rapper was in the 2021 VIP edition. What he is most excited about when people stop him on the street is when they talk to him about his work in the films in which he has participated.

Will El Cejas return?

Rookid has told us if at some point he plans to return to being the character of El Cejas: “If one day I return to El Cejas it will be with a movie or something. Like a Torrente. I feel like I left it at the best moment because there was no place to get more.” Can you imagine that El Cejas returns in a movie? Anything can happen.

How much has Rookid earned in advertising?

Karin, who does not mince words, wanted to know how much the artist has earned from an advertising campaign. The artist has responded bluntly. It was thanks to an advertisement for a famous chocolate bar that she earned a good amount of money: “I haven’t earned that much from campaigns. It was the same as 10,000 euros.”


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