Ruth Lorenzo at the Benidorm Fest 2024: “I’m on edge. There are going to be surprises”

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Benidorm Fest 2024 is here! This January 30 we will experience the 1st semi-final of the festival in the Alicante city and the carpet will be rolled out to receive the eight contestants who will face each other in this first round and will surprise us with their staging. So, tonight we will meet the first four finalists who will take the stage again this Saturday to conquer the audience and achieve their goal: get the mini bronze microphone and represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

Nerves are on edge and ahead of us a week full of activities awaits us, which has already started this Tuesday with the press conference of the presenters of the Benidorm Fest. This year, Ruth Lorenzo and Marc Calderó They will be the conductors of the galas and Ana Prada will be the co-presenter of the festival from Green Room. For the after Benidorm Fest, it will be Ines Hernand and Aitor Albizua those who get to work. “Only you and I survived over the years,” Inés Hernand told María Eizaguirre during the presentation.

This is how the presenters are living it

This year, the set has taken a 180º turn that It has even impacted Ruth Lorenzo herself: “I’m already on edge. I’m very excited, very impressed with this year’s stage and the display. Also being supported by the fans and the public is very nice and, above all, looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen.” spend tonight,” he assured.

Result of the 1st semi-final of Benidorm Fest 2024: These are the first 4 finalists

Unlike the artist who has been part of the Festival community for several years now, this year her partner Marc Calderó has joined the adventure: “We were looking forward to the first semi-final. We have stepped on stage, we have made the first tests and when you touch it you already touch the Eurovision energy. Tonight from the second one there are going to be surprises…”, he expressed Cauldron about his first time at Benidorm Fest.

“I think preliminaries are basic,” said Inés Hernand, announcing that she was going to be with Jordi Cruz before the first semi-final begins. “I am very happy, the word surprise is never missing in these events nor the level. We have come to value music, courage, talent and, more than in Eurovision, in the Benidorm Fest which is a nice franchise”.

For Aitor’s part, he has assured that he “wants to hug those who advance to the final” and, above all, “to have a good time and see the first reactions” of the participants of the Benidorm Fest 2024.

The broadcast schedule of the Benidorm Fest, in controversy?

The two semifinals that will take place this Tuesday, February 30 and next Thursday, February 1, They will start at 10:50 p.m.. A schedule that to the vast majority has seemed very late and even more so falling during the week. During the press conference, the journalists present wanted to ask him about the time change.

“Well, we have taken note of the requests, but in the end we look at everything and make the decision that we believe is the most appropriate for the broadcast. And this year it is at that time. It will be less than 2 hours. It is a gala quite agile,” explained María Eizaguirre.


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