Salma (‘OT 2023’): “The relationship I have with all my colleagues is impeccable, and that’s what I’ll stick with”

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OT 2023 It is about to pass the halfway point of the edition. The historic contest broadcast by Prime Video continues its course and does so after the expulsion of one of the most controversial contestants. Salma This Monday she became the fourth eliminated this season and, like Suzete, Omar and Denna, she had her first meeting with some media to review everything that has happened in recent weeks.

WECB has had the opportunity to chat with her about some of the hottest topics. What information did she receive from the outside when she went out on Christmas Eve? Is the shipping with Violeta that is being talked about on social networks real? To what extent are you aware of the commotion that certain of your attitudes generated outside? Salma answers all the questions and responds to the great controversy that has marked her contest in Triumph operation.

Be the one expelled

“We are all very talented and very different. It’s a matter of luck and people’s tastes. Any choice the public makes is good because we are all there after a very big casting and we are all worth it. My partner did a very good performance and I knew that anything could happen to him.”

Salma and Álex at Gala 5 of 'OT 2023'

Salma and Álex at Gala 5 of ‘OT 2023’

Foreign information

“The feedback we have is from the gala and I notice that something happens in Gala 3. In our reality nothing has happened, that’s why I’m confused. The time comes to go outside and I leave without a cell phone, but my family has a hard time and they see me having a hard time. They are the ones who explained to me what the controversy had been so that I could see how stupid it was. And it was not a real controversy at the Academy. I stayed calm because what matters to me is the relationship I have with my colleagues and the relationship I have is impeccable. “Everyone has come to me to take refuge and that is what I am left with.”

I have spent many nights with Bea talking about very intimate things and I know that she has not taken things as they have been taken outside.


The controversy with Bea

“My family picks me up at the airport and they say: ‘Do you want to know what happened?’ She tells me about the song I made for Bea… I didn’t even remember that. In the end we do things that we do with our friends and you don’t realize it. My relationship with Bea is close. I have spent many nights with her talking about very intimate things and I know that she has not taken it the way she has taken it outside. It reassured me to know that was it.”

The first big cold and snow storm of this winter arrives
The first big cold and snow storm of this winter arrives

I ship with Violeta

I have a very strong relationship with Violeta, I love her very much. I know she loves me too. The fundamental pillar of my contest has been Chiara, Violeta and at the time Denna. I will be supporting her until the day she comes out, which hopefully will be in the final.”

Ruslana, Chiara, Martin, Violeta and Salma

Ruslana, Chiara, Martin, Violeta and Salma

The first single

“Enter to Triumph operation with a very big doubt. I didn’t know where to focus my career. On the one hand he had a more flamenco and urban vibe like Dellafuente. But when I sit down to compose ballads come out. I didn’t know which way to go, but O.T. I have realized that I don’t have to choose, that I can find the originality of my career in combining the two things. Now we are looking at options, like a bolero that has something urban. Or ballads that have more modern sounds…I want to start working and find my sound.”

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