Sangiovanni explains the reason why he has counted on Aitana for Sanremo: “So that they know her in Italy”

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Now, yes. There is nothing left for us to see Aitana debut on Italian television. And he doesn’t do it just anywhere, he does it in the most important musical program of Italian culture:he Sanremo Festival. The Catalan will join her friend Sangiovanni on the cover night, where all contestants in the contest have to invite a colleague from the industry to perform a song, which takes place this Friday, February 9. The Italian wanted to bet on Aitana for this special night.

And the two artists are going to sing the Mariposas song in Italian and Spanish. It should be remembered that Sangiovanni appeared at the festival in 2022 with this song in Italian, Farfalle, finishing in 5th position and becoming one of the hits of the edition. Three months later, Sangiovanni joined Aitana to release the Spanish version. The result? Have one of the hits of the year in our country.

Now, for the first time, the two artists are going to perform the song on Italian television. It is worth remembering that they already sang it at the WECB Music Awards in 2022, giving us one of the great moments of the night.

To begin rehearsals, Aitana landed in Italy this Wednesday. The artist shared her arrival on her social networks. And it seems that she really wants to enjoy this moment with her friend. The young woman appears happy and happy in the video, dancing and wanting to give her all on Friday in front of the Italian audience.

Sangiovanni’s beautiful words

Sangiovanni went to RAIRadio 2 radio to talk about his time at Sanremo 2024, where he performed with the song Finiscimi. There he, of course, said the reason why he wanted to have Aitana for Friday night: “I chose to sing the Spanish version of Mariposas in Sanremo to introduce Aitana to Italy.”

I chose to sing the Spanish version of Mariposas in Sanremo to introduce Aitana to Italy

And the artist wants to give back, in some way, the opportunity that she gave him for the Spanish public to get to know his music thanks to Mariposas. “She is a very strong and great artist in Spain. I want to recognize everything she has done for me, taking my music to another country, and I want to return that favor,” said the young Italian.

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“Thank you for everything, Sangio,” Aitana responded to her Italian colleague through social networks. In this way, we only have to know what the version of Farfalle/Mariposas that the artists will sing on stage will be like.


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