SANREMO 2024 – CLARA: I want to be a rough diamond, constantly in progress


Diamanti Grezzi” is the title that CLARA, winner of Sanremo Giovani 2023, will bring to the stage of the Ariston Theater among the artists competing at the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival.

“Diamanti Rough”, written by Clara Soccini, Alessandro La Cava and Francesco “Katoo” Catitti, who also oversaw the production, tells the theme of the continuous and daily re-discovery of oneself, in a universal message that unites all generations .

In fact, over time, everyone collects life experiences and relationships that define their identity and at the same time call it into question, giving the opportunity to always discover new things about themselves, like “a thousand pieces of a single story”.

The only way, however, to live in freedom is to abandon the constant anxiety of disappointing other people’s expectations and the search for perfection itself, to treasure failures and be proud of being just diamonds in the rough, in constant progress.

We met her before her participation in Sanremo.


I am at the beginning of my career and at the beginning of a new path. In Sanremo I want to keep my feet on the ground and take all the necessary steps without speeding things up.
It will be a great emotion and a unique experience to go on that prestigious stage with all the singers, many of whom have been and are my legends.


“Diamanti Grezzi” is a song that I care a lot about. Usually the song is born and then the title in this case was the opposite.
I went into the studio and said we had to make a song called “Diamanti Grossi”.
I needed to tell how in life you don’t always have to be perfect at all costs, but true beauty is being rough, imprecise diamonds with a thousand fragilities.

It is undoubtedly a song that talks about me and tells me about it.


For her first experience on the stage of the Ariston Theatre, during the evening dedicated to covers on Friday 9 February, CLARA will perform her own version of “The Circle of Life”, a 1994 song taken from the soundtrack of the winning animated film of the Oscar-winning “The Lion King”.
For the occasion, CLARA will be accompanied on stage by Ivana Spagna herself, performing artist of the original Italian version, and by the children’s choir of the Teatro Regio of Turin.

I have always loved this song since I was little. It tells of fragility and singing it together with Ivana Spagna is a great honor. She is a true music great, super humble and helpful.
I immediately got along well with her!



“PRIMO” is the title of the album which, in addition to the song competing at the Sanremo Festival, “Diamanti Grezzi”, will also contain the unreleased “Ragazzi Fuori”, a song that CLARA wrote and sang for the soundtrack of the fourth season of “Mare Fuori”, available from 1 February on Raiplay.

I have always told myself that in my opinion every time you share music with others you must somehow deserve it and you must also deserve their listening.
In the last year I have grown a lot, my life has changed and I am taking the first steps to realize my lifelong dream.
I wanted to enclose my feelings within a story, a sort of identity card of my life up to now.

This album contains all of me. I’m meteoropathic, I cry and immediately afterwards I laugh, I change mood often and all my souls are on the record.


For the fourth season of Mare Fuori I wrote “Ragazzi Fuori”. It is a generational song where the whole message of the song is contained in one phrase: “love is hot, the voice is broken, life is a bitch”, in a few words what a boy today learns when, having left the idyll of childhood, collides with the first hitches of reality.
“Put the shirt on backwards because if it comes out you think it’s fashion” is an invitation to be free to express yourself, without having to submit to imposed standards.


After the release of the album and having sung on the stage of the Ariston Theatre, CLARA will bring her music live for the first time throughout Italy in March with her PR1MO club tour, produced by Live Nation, starting from March 17th to ‘Hall in Padua, continuing on the 20th at the Viper Theater in Florence, on the 21st in Rome, at Largo Venue, on the 22nd at the Demodé Club in Bari, on the 24th at the Duel Club in Naples and concluding in Milan, on March 26th at the Magazzini Generali .

It’s the first time I’ll be on tour with a real band. Until now I have always been guests at other people’s events or concerts.
This time it will be my tour. I want to enjoy every moment!!!


Sunday 17 March 2024 – Padua @ Hall
Wednesday 20 March 2024 – Florence @ Viper Theatre
Thursday 21 March 2024 – Rome @ Largo Venue
Friday 22 March 2024 – Bardi @ Demodè Club
Sunday 24 March 2024 – Naples @ Duel Club
Tuesday 26 March – Milan @ Magazzini Generali



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