SANREMO 2024: GAZELLE: Sanremo is a life experience like taking a trip to Nepal

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Gazzelle took to the stage of the Ariston Theater for the first time on Tuesday evening, bringing his song THAT’S ALL with whom he is competing at the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival.

The Roman singer-songwriter brings nostalgia to Sanremo, a feeling that has always been predominant in his writing. This time, however, it is linked to the desire to explore the past of a loved one who you didn’t have the chance to live together. Almost surreally, the song is also imbued with an intense sense of hope and a strong will to live.

It’s my first Festival, I felt some great emotions.
The first evening my voice was shaking and I liked this because I make music to excite and excite me.

I’m happy and that’s why I’m here.

While I was on stage I thought that it was a stage like many others.
The stage is, together with the sofa, the place where I feel best. If there was a sofa on stage it would be perfect.

I did Sanremo almost like shock therapy. I don’t like fame and popularity too much. I write songs because I need to.

I just like music. Everything around doesn’t affect me that much.
I am a singer-songwriter who focuses everything on the lyrics, I am not a virtuoso.
Things that are too perfect don’t excite me.

Sanremo is a life experience like taking a trip to Nepal.

I am here because several of my favorite artists have been here and, if they were there, I had to be there too…. I trust them!


The video clip of the song, directed by Bendo, which translates the artist’s ability to evoke images through his lyrics into a sometimes cinematic experience. In the video, the intensity of a look, the delicacy of a gesture, the warmth of a hug, instill a sense of peace in those who observe and allow themselves to be overwhelmed by emotions.


During the covers evening, scheduled for Friday 9 February, the artist will be accompanied by Fulminacci and they will bring their Rome to the stage with the timeless and generational “Night before exams” by Antonello Venditti.


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