SANREMO 2024: GEOLIER: Ariston is heavy, hot underneath and no one tells you

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I P’ ME, YOU P’ YOU is the song with which Geolier is competing at the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival.

The single from Sanremo – produced by Michelangelo – could only be in Neapolitan and is an uptempo song, with a straight drum. It’s about a couple who love each other too much but, at the same time, understand that the time has come to each take back their own space and think a little about themselves too. Loving also means accepting the end of a story, respecting the other partner.

I want to stay focused. I told my teammates not to make a mess and not to get too excited about my first place.
We need more!

I want to bring Naples to any place in the world while there is the possibility

It’s only thanks to the people who listen to the song.
Many of my friends came from Naples

Neapolitan culture influences and pleases.

The motivation that brought me to Sanremo are gestures. When they told me I could bring the Neapolitan to Sanremo I decided to come here.
I wanted to bring the Neapolitan to the Ariston stage.

Naples created me. There are many artists better than me, Naples has chosen…
In Sanremo everything is difficult, singing, presenting, everything! I’m taking it as a school, I’m learning to handle the pressure.

I’m still in first grade compared to the great Neapolitans!

The Ariston is heavy, hot underneath and no one tells you.
The Ariston has seen all the biggest artists in history.
This is Sanremo!

Yesterday my dad called me and said: we’re first, but have you eaten? Just to make you understand our relationship!


Last night I dedicated the song to Daniele. A 17 year old boy who didn’t make it.

Before leaving for Sanremo I went to visit him and made a promise and hopefully we can keep it!


During the evening of Friday 9 February Geolier will be on stage with two Italian urban heavyweights: Luchè and Guè.
Geolier, together with the artists he has chosen to have with him, will pay a great homage to hip hop in a medley entitled “STRADE”, always remaining faithful to his roots.

In fact, the rapper, even in Sanremo, decided to wave the Italian urban flag high, bringing, perhaps for the first time in the history of the Festival, rap to its maximum expression. Everything will be accompanied, as always in Geolier’s journey, by the Neapolitan spirit, and, in this regard, another special guest will be Gigi D’Alessio, symbol of the songwriting and popular culture of Naples.

I wanted to bring two things to Sanremo: rap and Naples. Tomorrow evening I will bring the people who have been part of my growth as an artist and in general as a man.

These are the three paths that I follow when I go to the studio: rap, Naples and melody.

During the medley with Guè I will bring Thrillwith Luchè O’ first love and with uncle Gigi D’Alessio he will sing my song Chiagne.


The video clip of the song is also out, directed by Davide Vicari and starring Maria Esposito (Rosa Ricci in Mare Fuori) and Artem Tkatchuk (Pino in Mare Fuori). The phrase that closes the video, “True love is peace, not torment”, explains in a few words everything that the artist decided to recreate with the director.

The video shows what happens when there is a lack of respect in love and you risk falling into the vortex of bad habits and actions, while in the background the song speaks to the listener, sending the opposite message.


21 June 2024 Naples, Diego Armando Maradona Stadium
29 June 2024 Servigliano (FM), No Sound Fest
05 July 2024 Lucca, Piazza Napoleone – Lucca Summer Festival
12 July 2024 Stupinigi (To), Sonic Park
12 August 2024 Gallipoli, Parco Gondar – Oversound Music Festival

The dates already announced:
15 June 2024 Messina, Franco Scoglio Stadium
22, 23 June 2024 Naples, Maradona Stadium
28 June 2024 Rome, Rock in Rome
6 July 2024 Milan, Fiera Milano Live




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