SANREMO 2024 -GIOVANNI ALLEVI: I transformed fear and pain into music


Giovanni Allevi will perform on the stage of the Sanremo Festival this evening as a guest. The pianist will give a monologue where he will talk about his illness and will play his new song “Tomorrow” on the piano.

At the press conference Giovanni spoke about his performance and his illness.

I’m very excited for this evening.
Being here is beautiful.

For this evening I am super focused.
I will play the piano after two years.

Tomorrowthe new song is a reflection on the illness that I wrote during my many hospital stays.

This experience confronted me with human frailty and made me discover authentic life.

Illness and suffering leads you to discover the true essence of life.
In the hospital I was able to compose music in my mind. The music I have composed in these two years is totally free and I have transformed my fears and pains into notes.

The beauty of music and art is to transform suffering into strength.

Tomorrow it is an expanded present, it starts from today and arrives at tomorrow, not too far away, but there is a hope that in tomorrow there will be a more beautiful day.

The myeloma that affected me is a chronic neoplasm so you never win.
I’m not here to celebrate anything, but my presence represents my immense joy in living the present.

If a few months ago someone had told me that I would be here I wouldn’t have believed it. I want to give strength and energy to all the people who are going through an experience like mine.


Written by

Christopher Johnson

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