SANREMO 2024 – IRAMA: space for words and music rather than side dishes


Not you is the title of the song that Irama will compete at the 74th Sanremo Festival.

A dense and visceral song, of great impact, which the singer-songwriter interprets by digging deep, in an emotional climax where piano, orchestra and voice become one. The song highlights his singing and interpretative skills to the maximum and underlines his new artistic path.

“Tu no”, signed by Irama with the collaboration of the musicians Giulio Nenna, Giuseppe Colonnelli, Francesco Monti, Emanuele Mattozzi and produced by Giulio Nenna, anticipates the new album soon to be released. Irama is one of the most successful artists in the current Italian music scene and, with his hits, he has already collected 47 platinum records, 4 gold records with almost two billion streams and over 900 million views for his videos. he.



The song talks about the sense of lack and that of distance in the broadest meaning of the term, not only in the romantic sense.
A dedication to a complex state of mind, with a thousand implications and facets, which everyone can adapt to their own personal life experience.

I tried to convey the lack I had at that moment and it is a piece that is very autobiographical.

I wish that in this Sanremo there was more space for words and music than for everything else.


In the evening dedicated to covers which will be staged at the Ariston Theater on Friday 9 February, Irama will have the honor of going on stage with Riccardo Cocciante and they will sing together the song ” Quando fini un amore”, published exactly fifty years ago, in 1974.

It will be a great honor to sing with Cocciante especially for what he represents for Italian music.
For me Riccardo is one of my points of reference.

The idea of ​​Cocciante’s choice is linked to the piece.


Not you it’s a bit of a glimpse of what my new path will be.
The album will have many different sounds.

Making a record is a new adventure, an ever new challenge where I always want to raise the bar.

This album was born almost everywhere: America, Milan but also Puglia which is somewhat of my creative center.



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