SANREMO 2024: Ratings, Tops and Flops of the second evening

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Here are the Tops and Flops of the second evening of the 2024 Sanremo Festival.

Sanremo Festival, act two. A record-breaking Festival in all its forms. A Festival studied analytically between looks, songs, co-co, dynamics. A second evening that left little joy and many yawns. Let’s see the tops and flops of the second evening

The second evening of the 74th Italian Song Festival was seen by 10 million 361 thousand spectators, with a share of 60.1%.
The first part, from 9.17pm to 11.29pm, was seen by 13 million 434 thousand spectators, with a share of 57.6%. The second part, from 11.32pm to 1.33am, was seen by 6 million 899 thousand spectators, with a share of 66.2%.

The episode of Viva Rai2 Viva Sanremo broadcast on the night after the first evening of the Festival totaled 58.2% with 1 million 573 thousand viewers (from 2.01 to 2.52).
The episode of Viva Rai2 Viva Sanremo broadcast on the night after the second evening of the Festival totaled 56.6% with 2 million 333 thousand viewers (from 1.33 to 1.59).



With a few simple words, Allevi was able to restore dignity to pain. His but also that of others. He played with his soul and how nice to see him again on the piano.


Giorgia, in addition to her musical side, well known to most, showed herself in a new guise, holding the stage, among memories, cassettes, English, stage presence


Romagna my Romagna in bloom

But weren’t we in Liguria?. The meaning still remains mysterious. Between improvised waltzes, the yawn was just around the corner

John Travolta used as a duck

Could we have fallen any lower? I would say no. The Qua Qua Dance it was the lowest point. He rightly throws that hideous beaked hat in dissent, being treated like an idiot is fine… but up to a certain point.


15 songs and getting to the end of the setlist seems like a difficult task. There are no flickers, glimmers, lights at the end of the tunnel… a book already read. Missing Bugo / Morgan, Blanco and his roses… says it all



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