SANREMO 2024 – ROSE VILLAIN in Sanremo with “Click Boom!” and on March 8th the new album “Radio Sakura”


ROSE VILLAIN is ready to conquer the audience of the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival where it will compete with the song CLICK BOOM!.

Rose is one of the revelation names of 2023. The release of his first album “Radio Gotham” (gold certified), the summer hit “Fragole” with Achille Lauro, the new single “Io, me ed altri guai”, the first live show of his own: the culmination of a year full of debuts in style, both on record and live.

“CLICK BOOM!” – produced by Sixpm and written by the same artist with Davide Petrella – will be contained in the artist’s new album, “RADIO SAKURA” (Warner Music Italy), released on Friday 8 March and is the sequel to his first album, in which he will naked to show us his stronger, but equally intimate side. From the shadows of “Radio Gotham” a new life has blossomed.

We met her among the plants and flowers of a vegan place (she is vegan; ed.) and she told us the words of her next Sanremo.


CLICK BOOM! is a dazzling song about love.

One of those loves that shed such a strong light that they inevitably bring with them gray areas: mistrust, self-effacement, the fear of suffering, the fear of making people feel bad.

I have always written a lot about love, broken hearted love as well as wonderful loves.
This time I wanted to explore a very common but little talked about type of love, that of everyday loves, the imperfect ones, where both become dependent on each other.
A love that has an inherent side that can be dark, but doesn’t have to be toxic. A love so all-encompassing that in the end it annihilates you.

In the song I sing: if I don’t care about you I don’t care about me.
and this is a real key to understanding the piece.

I am aware and I am at the forefront when it comes to speaking out about women’s rights, but there must also be space for a woman who can be passive in a relationship.
There must also be space for imperfect women.


On the musical side, the Sanremo song brings together almost two different genres: pop and urban rap.
There is always a dualism in my being, one nostalgic, one badass.
I have one foot in pop which eats me up constantly and the other in urban and rap.

I can’t give up either of them.
I want to dare and I can’t wait to show what I can do to a much wider audience.


I’m not interested in criticism, I’ll move on.
It’s normal that not everyone can like me. The kind of music I make doesn’t reach everyone.
I don’t care, I’m happy with what I do and I hope someone falls in love with my project and my art.


I am imaginative and I like to dare but in Sanremo I want the song to be the protagonist and not my look.
On the Ariston stage I will be different from what people expect.


I have many friends competing with me. We are a nice group.
Geolier, Fred De Palma, Sangiovanni, Annalisa, Gazzelle are all friends even before colleagues.

My favorites are Fiorella Mannoia and above all Loredana Bertè.

I have always been a fan of Loredana and I am thrilled to hear her song.
Fiorella struck me, she gave me something I wasn’t expecting.
It envelops you with something maternal and friendly.


I have this very specific memory of the 2001 Sanremo, the one Elisa won with Light.
She was a little girl and I saw her dressed all in white, I thought she was an angel.
That song changed the history of Sanremo.
Another piece that I have enjoyed over the years was The night by Arisa, fantastic.


Having lived in New York for 14 years has undoubtedly amplified my artistic ambition.
I feel very international and being in the USA has undoubtedly left something in me.


The stage for me is something special. I live it well and I can’t wait to perform in Sanremo and go around Italy with my tour.



My album will be released on March 8th, which will be called “Radio Sakura”. It’s somehow the sequel to “Radio Gotham”.
In Radio Gotham there was so much anger, so much darkness, in this it represents my flowering.
I feel like I’m about to blossom and flourish. Sakura means exactly this, the flowering, the fleeting moment of extreme beauty.
Precisely for this reason I decided it should come out in the spring.


17 October 2024 – FLORENCE – Viper Theatre
18 October 2024 – PADUA – Hall
25 October 2024 – NAPLES – House of Music
29 October 2024 – MILAN – Fabrique



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