SANREMO 2024 – SANGIOVANNI: I feel fragile and I feel weak but I have music that helps me

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Finish me is the song that Sangiovanni presents at the Sanremo Festival 2024.

The topic of mental health is a very relevant topic and we need to talk about it.
I actually don’t know if I’m good or bad. I feel fragile and I feel weak.

I’m not a person who is mentally well, but I am a person who fights every day to feel better even with music.
I live a complex life like many my age, I neglected my growth to do this job.
I have lost simple things, everyday life and I find myself increasingly alone.

I found music as a tool to help me.
I think therapy is a useful tool to get out of these problems, but therapy costs too much now and many kids can’t afford it.


The song reflects the moment I’m experiencing.
Inside this song there are so many thoughts and weights that I carry on my stomach that I can’t let them go away

There’s nothing wrong with being yourself, there’s nothing wrong with being fragile.
Feelings can be expressed with kindness and empathy and not with aggression and anger.

I believe there is an underlying problem in the society of hatred and frustration and especially in social media

This thing is getting out of hand. There are no restrictions and limits and above all little common sense.
If there weren’t rules everything would go down the drain. But this is what is happening in this parallel reality that is social networks
I don’t know what the cause or cure is but I think my word can have a power and I will continue to do so.

There are still good humans and sensitive people. I still believe in a sociality and a community that fights to solve problems
Often the people who have frustrations are the ones who are worse off. I hope to help these people above all.


The album will be available digitally and in CD format and is preceded by the single Finish me, which will be presented at the 2024 Sanremo Festival. The album also contains “Americana”, the first musical tale of his privacy.

The new artistic project was born in Los Angeles, where Sangiovanni worked with some of the most relevant American producers, collaborators of Miley Cyrus, Travis Scott and Tate Mc Rae. The Californian sound of the album and a new maturity in the writing of the lyrics reveal, from the first listen, Sangiovanni’s great artistic growth.

The title of the album expresses the artist’s intention to open the doors to his intimacy, to make himself known closely. Maturity, sensuality, wounds, mistakes, passion, fun, sex. “Privacy” is a real, sincere and unfiltered story.



Sangiovanni will also return live, in a major live event at the Mediolanum Forum in Milan on 5 October 2024.




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