SANREMO 2024: the report cards and comments from the third evening (Live)

Music news

Third evening of the Sanremo Festival 2024. The other 15 big names in the competition will perform on the Ariston stage. Co-host of the third evening will be Teresa Mannino.

GUESTS (in order of appearance)

Choir of the Arena di Verona Foundation singing “Va Pensiero”
Eros Ramazzotti singing “Terra Promise”
Paolo Jannacci and Stefano Massimo who play “The Man in the Lightning
On the Suzuki Stage Paola & Chiara
Sabrina Ferilli protagonist of the fiction Gloria
Gianni Morandi
Russell Crowe with his band sings “Let the light shine” feat Marcia Hines
Costa Smeralda with Bresh and “Guasto d’amore”
Edward Leo


French Saints presented by Clara – “Love in the mouth”

French saints 080224

Refined, a non-exaggerated electro-pop and a phrase love in the mouth. A song that grows with every listen. Not obvious and above all sincere. A song not for everyone or necessarily to please. Well done.

Rating – 8

Bnkr 44 presented by Fred De Palma –“Punk Government”

bnkr44 080224

More than punk, Government Punk is a milk and honey choral piece. There is still a long way to go for BNKR. Being transgressive and not being able to disturb even a hair. Do we want to talk about the chorus? better not. Review the assembly.

Rating – 5

Maninni presented by Alfa – “Spectacular”

hand 080224

Maninni pleasant surprise. A pop photographed for Sanremo and you want not to sing the opening chorus. The most sung song in school. The stage also held up well.

Rating – 6

The Three presented by Loredana Bertè – “Fragile”

on the third 080224

On the second listen the chorus sticks in your head. Fragile is a task done sufficiently. Good but he doesn’t apply much they would say at school. Worthy of note is the combination of words in the second verse… Breath to spare

Rating – 6

French Saints presented by Clara – “Love in the mouth”
Mr Rain presented by Il Volo – “Two swings”
Rose Villain presented by Gazzelle – “Click boom!”
Alessandra Amoroso presented by Dargen D’Amico – “Up to here”
Riches and Poors presented by Big Mama – “But not all my life”
Angelina Mango presented by Irama –“Boredom”
Diodate presented by The Kolors – “You move”
Ghali presented by Mahmood – “My home”
Negramaro presented by Emma – “Let’s start everything again”
Fiorella Mannoia presented by Annalisa – “Mariposa”
Saint John presented by Renga Nek – “Finish me”
The Sad presented by Geolier – “Self-destructive”


The public at home and the radios will vote again this evening.



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