SANREMO 2024: we give votes to all the outfits of the first evening

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The doors of the Seventy-fourth Sanremo Festival open or, better yet, “the language” much praised by Amadeus descends onto the Ariston stage.

First evening and first fashion show between wrong outfits and dresses worthy of fashion week. If we anticipate that Emporio Armani docet are we taken for granted?

If we say that the looks are often “custom made”, it becomes easy to think that on the Italian music stage, fashion is an audience indicator.
Here, however, let’s go by inch. Thumbs up and thumbs down in playlist order.


Clara with “Rough Diamonds” comes with a ‘wow effect’ elegance from the Giorgio Armani Haute Couture line. The only flaw was having created the illusion that elegance would be the underlying theme of the evening. Rating 7.5

Saint John dressed in white, in a total look made to measure by Gcds. We like the oversize, he’s cool but “Finish me” the hem of the trousers would perhaps have helped… or rather no, let’s keep the silver shoe covered! Rating 6 –

Fiorella Mannoia in Luisa Spagnoli. A wonderful bride with train and lace, but not in Sanremo. About her Her elegance about her yes about her, as well as her bare feet on stage which tell us about her the power of her live about her. Fiorella, we struggle to give you a low rating, but you don’t get a passing grade because we expect something different from you. Rating 5.5

The Sad. How do you dress a punk band for a first evening on the Italian music stage? How you move, in my opinion, the self-destruct button is automatic. Philipp Plein top, but you have to know how to wear a suit. Rating 5

Irama, “You’re not” but this tour you are Filippo! In fashion, you often become elegant when you remove and not add. So the prize goes to the sober choice that ends in leather, a little grip and a little softness. Nothing excess, except the jewel on the hand which also isn’t. The tattoo was enough. Rating 6

Ghali. Where were we? Ah yes, your style always rewards. The elegance with which you wear a glittery blue suit by Loewe is worthy of the podium, but the lace-up and sequined shoes are not. Score from 7 to 8

Negramaro in Paul and Shark Custom Made. Let’s start again with the look, please. Twenty years of music together, twenty years of crazy hits and great personalities but you missed the first evening staircase. You are light, all that black doesn’t belong to you. Rating 5 –

Annalisa brings a sexy and elegant Dolce and Gabbana look to the stage. The trail doesn’t, but it doesn’t penalize. Sincerely? He looks great on that stage. Rating: 7++

Mahmood. As with Ghali, where you know you see Mahmood you expect to discover something new about fashion. A tip, an accessory, how to wear a dress with style. However, the cargo trousers and the riot of pockets take away too much elegance. A little Edward Scissorhands. Rating: 6+ which is very low for you

Diodate in a white dress by Zegna. Perhaps the complexion clashes with the total white look, perhaps the high neck is not prime time even if it preserves the throat, but let’s say that the only real discord on that stage was that haircut which sends those who have it back to September thought. Rating: 6

Loredana Bertè in Valentino. What do you want to say to a queen of Italian music? That her look is her, her long blue hair and the dream silhouette of her legs. Of course, the draped effect ruffles weren’t needed. Rating 6 +

Geolier. Striking with the elegance signed by Emporio Armani? Done! But if it’s true that the clothes don’t make the man, the details can help. The licked hair and the absence of a shirt deduct points. Rating 6

Alessandra Amoroso with a Monot dress she brings the level of elegance back to the stage. That long glove and black bandaged dress tailored to a prime time personality is perfect. Winning. Rating 7+

The Kolors Unfortunately in Emporio Armani they don’t make hits this time. Nothing to add. Rating: 5-

Angelina Mango, Etro. Wedges and white socks take away the desire to dream with that wonderful dress. The personality remains high. Rating: 7

The flight, Emporio Armani. From someone who brings Made in Italy around the world I expect a different demeanor. It’s a no guys. Rating: 5

BigMama, I live in Lorenzo Seghezzi. Hello everyone. This woman’s personality is as explosive as her black dress, a dress with bustier and tulle skirt. Rating: 8

Riches and Poors in Vivetta clothes. Why? Rating: 4

Emma with minidress by Marc Jacobs. We like Donna Emma. Overbearing sweetheart neckline yes although it would have been better on a long dress, 40 denier black tights but no. Rating: 6

Nek and Renga ton sur ton dresses by Maurizio Muri with a “Good morning, we’re here for the interview” effect which didn’t impress us. You are two beautiful steers, you can give more. Rating: 5

Mr Rain, Fendi tailored and clean. Is it burgundy or brown? Rating: 6++

Bnkr44 , HG/LF. Hi mom, look how much fun I’m having… Us a little less. Rating: 4

Gazelles you don’t give us anything new, the hoodie is not surprising. Rating: 4+

Dargen D’Amico, Moschino. I thought I was dreaming, given the time, accompanied by the infinitely multiplied night doll. Dress that awakens souls and audiences. Then he explains the reason for the many teddy bears and okay, we can only give him a high rating: 9

Rose Villain, Malni. Welcome to futurism, but we are still on rai1. Rating: 5

French Saints with Dolce and Gabbana. Their outfits always look great on their bodies. Rating: 9

Fred De Palma, tailored dress by Ssheena. How confusing, it may be but I don’t love him… Score: 5-

Maninni, tailored suit by Antonio Riva Milano. Something is missing in elegance, but insufficiency cannot be given. Rating: 6

Alpha. Super shawl look, song that will sound great, but the vote is on the look. Alas. Rating: 5-

The Three, Diesel. Challenging, like his chest tattoos. Rating: 5


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