Sebastián Cortés presents his new EP, ‘I don’t know what will become of us’

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The followers of Sebastian Cortes you are in luck, Well, the man from Madrid has just released an EP full of great songs, I don’t know what will become of us. It is a project of six songs and without collaborations, in which the artist has opened himself more than ever so that his audience can reach him more if that is possible. lThe themes are characterized by the influence of the electronic trend but mixed with melancholic and emotional lyrics. Something that makes it not lose its essence.

The new EP has been in the making for a while, hA couple of months ago the first preview arrived with All the Love We Have Leftover. To celebrate the change that this new project represented, the singer gave a surprise concert accompanied by a band that symbolizes the expansion and extension of his sound.

Some of the songs on the EP like I don’t know what will become of us either I always remember you They contain the classic melodies with instruments such as the piano that are then mixed with his voice in the production. In this work, Sebastián puts love (and especially heartbreak) as the common thread of the story.

The single that accompanies this EP is It hurts me even to think about you with a video clip of TakeANap. In the audiovisual work we can learn the story of a couple who share the hobby of skateboarding. The boy has an accident with the skateboard, which is why he dies. And to know the rest of the story you will have to play the following video:

The Madrid native is another of the artists who lives halfway between his facets as a producer, composer, singer and musician. A “360” artist we could say. In addition to composing and producing works by other colleagues, Sebastian Cortes He hasn’t stopped releasing his own albums.

His debut came in 2019, shortly before a Covid-19 pandemic that popularized the Bedroom Pop phenomenon, a genre that Cortés was one of the first to use nationwide and that has captivated thousands of fans thanks to his compositions.

Sebastián Cortés Concerts 2024

The singer of Love each other again He plans to take his music throughout the national territory with a tour in 2024.

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  • Valencia – 23 of February
  • Barcelona – February 24th
  • Seville – March 1st
  • Madrid – March 2
  • Saragossa – March, 15th
  • Bilbao – March 16

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