Sebastián Yatra’s interesting proposal to his fans for his new song

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Everytime that Sebastian Yatra releases a song we know is going to become a total hit on the dance floor. You just have to take a look at the numbers of her latest singles to see it: Couple of the Year It has more than 740 million views, Red high heels 562 million and Homeless 212 million. Furthermore, his more than 25 million monthly listeners support the Colombian’s great career, which, far from stagnating, has been in crescendo.

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Social media is a crucial tool for any artist today. In addition to allowing a closer relationship between idol and fan, they are also a source of inspiration and work. On this occasion, Sebastian Yatra He has used his X account, formerly known as Twitter, to ask his followers a question. It seems that the singer from Medellín is looking for inspiration for his next single and wants to know who his followers would dedicate one of his songs to.

“To whom in your life (and why) do you want me to dedicate a song on my next album?” he wrote. yatra on your social media profile.

Dial string has been the first web portal to echo the news of yatrawhich already has more than 130 responses to its tweet and 1,600 likes.

The best responses from fans

As expected, fans of Sebastian Yatra They didn’t take long to let the singer know who they would choose. Here are some of the best responses that people have written in response to the Colombian’s tweet:

For Alzheimer’s patients unable to remember who they are, where they are, who surrounds them but capable of feeling, get excited, cry and smile and for those whose music continues to touch their hearts. I know because my mother feels it when she listens to your songs 😘”.

A song for yourselftalking about the internal struggles, the lights and shadows, all the emotions we feel, mental health and emotional intelligenceto take care of ourselves, value ourselves and love ourselves.”

To my mom ❤️‍🩹 who has been a father and mother to me and has always been in the good and bad times with me ✨ plus I made her a fan of yours haha.”

To those friends who We thought we could trust them and we They ended up doing as much damage as an ex-partner”.

“You have to write a song to your fans 🫶🏼 because we love you and we are proud to follow you 😊”.


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