Sebastián Yatra’s musical promise for 2024: “Ready to share many new songs”

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Sebastian Yatra He is already thinking about the next step in his career. And that is none other than the beginning of a new musical journey that, precisely, is already underway. During an interview with our colleagues from WECB Argentina a few weeks ago he confirmed that his project was underway: “Energía Bacana is going to be part of my next album, which if everything goes according to plan will be released next year. We are already there in the study”.

And what seemed like a work that was being launched with the probability of arriving in 2024 has become the Colombian’s musical promise for next year. This has been confirmed by the artist himself through his official social media profiles.

“Today I close one of the most beautiful years of my life, where I gave myself the space to live experiences other than music… before my life was being a singer, now there are many more things than that, and it seems nice to me… I am recharged, ready to share many new songs with you again and spin, spin, spin (wherever you want me to go), the album is coming in 2024, but more important than that.. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL ✨✨✨❤️❤️❤️ I really LOVE YOU , we are all part of the same 🙏🏻💫✨🥹” the Colombian soloist has posted.

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Fantastic news for all those unconditional fans of the artist who will see how In 2024 you will be able to enjoy a new record project from one of the artists who is making us enjoy the most in recent times with his songs.

In fact, a few weeks ago it seems that the singer from Medellín was looking for inspiration for his next single and wanted to know who his followers would dedicate one of his songs to so he could write about that topic. Can you imagine being the inspiration for a Sebastián Yatra song?

For the moment we will have to continue waiting to find out more specific details of what 2024 is going to bring us from the hand of Sebastián Yatra: Release date, song titles (some have already been presented in recent months), possible collaborations. ..

After launching A night without thinking, Energía Bacana and Vagabundo, Yatra further primed the launch of this new album by ensuring that he has a lot of music prepared for this new work. “To those who need an album to cut their wrists, feel like they are dying, revive, heal, start over, feel that the world doesn’t understand them and then feel that the world loves them and they have a reason to be here… a sense…”, he wrote on his WhatsApp channel, anticipating the topics he will talk about in this new era.


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