Selena Gomez gives new clues about her next album: “There are no sad songs”

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Selena Gomez is in one of her best personal and professional moments. On a personal level, the singer and actress is full of joy after announcing her relationship with producer Benny Blanco. The star announced that she had been dating him for a few months. News that her fans applauded.

On a professional level, Selena is also on the crest of the wave. After having crossed the border of 30, the former Disney girl has taken the reins of all her projects. In addition to succeeding with her beauty brand Rare Beauty, Selena is executive producer of the successful series Solo Murders in the Building, where she also stars. Come on, it doesn’t stop.

Despite all her work commitments, Selena has made time to go to the studio and record a new album. A job that comes after Rare and his foray into music in Spanish with Revelation. And we are going to have new music from Selena this very 2024. Although the singer has actually been releasing music during these three years. In fact, she has had one of the most successful songs of 2022 and part of 2023: Calm Down along with Rema.

Now, Selena Gomez has given new clues about her next album. She did it in her last interview for Vogue Mexico, where she said that there are not going to be sad songs. Come on, we’re not going to find a Lose You to Love Me on this new album. “I haven’t written a single sad song for this album.”

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A fun pop album

As the singer has announced, the theme of the album is going to be Freedom. “Of the ties that she had when she was 20 years old,” the actress confirmed. And Selena Gomez, who grew up as a Disney child, has seen how her entire life has been told in the dam. “I didn’t have anything to write about because I’m so used to writing sad girl music. And I love a song like that, but I wasn’t going through something that was breaking me down.”. “I want to try to find ways to make good pop music, with a message that really means something,” she continued to explain.

As for the sounds that we are going to hear in this new work, in addition to danceable pop, it will have an R&B song. “It’s so fun… it’s different to walk into the studio and say ‘let’s party.'”

Without a doubt, we are looking forward to hearing this new work from Selena Gomez. It surely leaves a very good taste in our mouths.


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