Sia, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and other artists with regular alter egos in their music videos

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The Black Keys has just presented his new musical project. A new sound proposal by one of the most interesting rock groups of the 21st century. His new song is called Beautiful people (Stay high) and serves as a business card for his imminent studio album Ohio players. And as it could not be otherwise in recent years, the band formed by Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney has turned to old friends to shape this new musical adventure. Those who repeat year after year in their songs as if they were their alter ego. And not only The Black Keys does it: we can also find other examples such as Sia, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift…

And we are not exactly talking about producers, composers, musicians, instrumentalists… but about someone almost even more relevant to the history of a group or a soloist: the protagonist of their video clips. For years, those from Akron (Ohio, USA) have always resorted to Derrick Tuggle, the dancer in the music videos of his songs who is already a celebrity on the internet.

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Because not only The Black Keys catapulted him to fame (and he returned the favor by viralizing the video clip of their song Lonely boy up to 160 million views) but he has had no hesitation in repeating for the band or for anyone else (for example Pharrell Williams in happy) who asked for it.

But it has been with the rockers with whom he has starred in the biggest ‘comeback’ of 2024. There is no doubt that he has rhythm in his blood and knows how to mesmerize us with his dance.

Sia and Maddie Ziegler

The name of Maddie Ziegler will be indissolutely linked to that of Yes throughout his artistic career. because he was the Australian performer who turned her into her alter ego thanks to becoming her image in different video clips in recent years. 10 years have passed since then (Chandelier, 2014) and this 21-year-old girl has been gradually building her future until she has become an actress who has already made her debut on the red carpet at the 2022 Oscars.

The Australian singer hid her identity due to the effects that fame was having on her illness (diagnosed years later as autism) and therefore looked for someone capable of expressing in images what she wrote in her songs.

The result was this young performer who has her whole life ahead of her to make her name heard in a way as powerful as the images she was able to create in Sia’s music videos (Chandelier, Cheap Thrills, Rainbow, Elastic Heart, Thunderclouds, Big Girls Cry, Eye of the Needle, The Greatest…).

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift and the story of Everything has changed

tell that Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift They maintain a very special friendship, it would be as obvious as saying that they are two artists who love to ‘play’ with their audience by giving them small clues about their next projects, what is to come or spinning different stories over time. .

That was exactly what both artists did in 2022, continuing and (who knows if) finishing the story they started in 2013 with Everything has changed. It was the first time we saw the two artists on screen. To them as parents of their mini versions, that is, their alter egos in the music video of that Red single.

Nebulossa: “The feeling of 'Zorra' is carried inside”
Nebulossa: “The feeling of ‘Zorra’ is carried inside”

9 years later we had the privilege of being able to enjoy both of their voices again in the same song, but the video clip also featured the same two actors who already represented them in the song that Swift included on her album. Grid.

Ava Ames and Jack Lewis were once again that boy and girl couple whom fate seems to have separated over time to the point of physically distancing themselves at university. But nothing can resist love. Not even the image we may have of ourselves or the person we love. See The Joker and the Queen It was beautiful for millions of followers around the world, including ourselves.


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