Side B of Operación Triunfo: the former triumphs who have publicly renounced their dream of being an artist

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Being able to dedicate yourself to music goes far beyond effort and tireless work. You must have that bit of luck that makes your first single a hit; a small dose of fortune that causes a perfect alignment of the stars that places you in the right place at the right time; and the support of a team (and network of contacts) that believes in your vision and helps you move it forward.

Many dreams begin with Triumph operation. He talent show It is a good opportunity – the first piece of an entire assembly line – to become a renowned star like David Bisbal, Manuel Carrasco, Pablo López, Aitana or Lola Índigo, so that you can live from your true vocation like Natalia Lacunza, Amaia, Alba Reche, Roi Méndez, Miki Núñez, Nia…

However, It’s not all about recording albums and giving concerts in the world of culture and entertainment. There are some former contestants who have found a way out not as performers, but as composers (lyricists) or music producers. Others have found their place in musical theater, like Ricky Merino or Famous. A few have evolved into another facet of influencer or as a presenter (without forgetting her passion for singing)… But the vast majority have had to stop temporarily or permanently his dream of being an artist in favor of paying bills, getting rid of headaches and reducing anxiety attacks. And you are no less worthy for making a decision this difficult.

In total, the format has launched 12 editions, of which its 16 respective contestants (or 17 in some years) have something in common: living the unique experience offered by the most famous Academy on television. However, not all of them have been able to carve out a career and have had to abandon all efforts to be a singer.

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Dave Zulueta’s indefinite farewell

One of the most recent examples is that of Dave Zulueta, from OT 2018, who on his last visit to the students of 2023 shared his reality, one that can be extrapolated to that of many others. “I come to announce that I am leaving. I am retiring. I am leaving music, I am leaving theater and I am leaving art. I have been living off of this for five years, since I left here, but there comes a time when paying the rent is done.” more difficult and I have to leave it,” he confessed before the stupefied faces of the current triumphants.

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“I also have to leave it because I feel like I’m falling out of love and in a vocational profession like this, excitement is very important,” he added, also recounting the feelings that have surfaced in recent months for him: “Before OT and nothing more go out, I had a gig and I arrived (at the site) even before the technician; now, it’s six in the afternoon on the day of the gig and I’m at home to see if it’s cancelled, ‘oh my god’, ‘what laziness’… And this cannot be.”

Thus he narrates the way in which he decides to leave before they kick him out of this world, without dying “at a time when his career could go up or down; it has remained linear for a long time.” Despite everything, he recognized that he was a “see you later” without a return date: “five years, ten, fifteen… one.”

The retirement of Carlos Right

Carlos Right has been another of the former participants in Operación Triunfo (also from 2018) that this summer he published a letter on social networks saying goodbye to this professional stage.

“I close a stage and I tell you about it in this letter. THANK YOU because you have been the best thing about this whole experience ❤️ It is difficult for me to write this, but to be honest, I knew that the moment would come one day or another. I don’t know exactly where start, perhaps by thanking all the love and support that I have always had from you. Feeling so supported and so loved has been the most magical thing about all of this,” he wrote in an Instagram post (which he seems to have archived).

“But I want to tell you that I am leaving the music industry. A world that I entered five years ago, without knowing anything about it, making a thousand mistakes, being innocent and letting myself go. A world that, despite the fact that it has given me wonderful people , has also hurt me a lot and it doesn’t suit me. That’s why today I say goodbye to him. NOT to music, which will always accompany me,” he communicated.

“I want you to know that I am very proud of everything we have achieved together; We have done a beautiful tour throughout Spain, I have met you, we have sung together, we have achieved numbers that I never imagined, we have been played on the radio with each single… I have fulfilled a dream and you were in it. And I see that what is coming now is not going to make me as happy as I have been, because there are things that I cannot control and are not in my hands,” he addressed his fans directly, thanking them in capital letters.

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The young Catalan said goodbye to welcome “a project for both work and family that I am very excited about and to which I want to dedicate all my time.” “It is a decision that I have matured for a long time and I hope you understand that now is the perfect time to make it. I have to think about myself, my project, my family and friends,” he added.

Apart from all of this, Mireya Bravo (OT 2017) He was not shy about giving his opinion when rumors about other jobs intensified., far from this artistic discipline, which some of his former colleagues had had to opt for. “You have to pay for things. YesIf you don’t make a living from music, well, so what? What’s happening? Absolutely nothing happens, As if I have to go to a supermarket to work, I will not be less because of that. All work is worthy. What are you going to do if the thing hasn’t come up, you have to work… You become an adult and there are more things to pay for: being self-employed is not cheap; “You have children, a house to maintain…” she commented in one of his past meetings with WECB.

And participating in a television contest is not a guarantee of anything.


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