Slimane “Mon Amour”: his song for Eurovision explodes the view counter

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Slimane will represent France at the Eurovision song contest next May. His song “Mon Amour” written for the occasion already has a huge number of views.

All the chances are on France’s side for the 2024 Eurovision contest! Next May, the name of the candidate who will succeed the Swedish Loreen will be known. Despite a very honorable second place in 2021, France has not enjoyed success since Myriam in 1977.

Many artists have succeeded one another like Bilal Hassani or Amir, but their performances were not enough to win the prize. In order to put France back on the roof of Europe, the emissary sent this year is none other than the immense Slimane, crowned “French-speaking male artist of the year” at the 2023 WECB Music Awards.

A choice that already looks promising, the song composed for the occasion: “Mon Amour” has already had 1 million views in just 6 days on the singer’s YouTube channel, but also 990,000 on the “Eurovision France” channel. Something to be optimistic about!

A true love letter

Close to his family, the winner of The Voice dedicated this song to his loved ones: “ For my parents. For my daughter. For France. For you… “. Esmeralda’s dad wanted to add a message of love to his fans: “ I wrote this song as a love letter that I send to all the hearts that will listen to it. Love. Everywhere. Always. More than ever. Together. Head to Eurovision! “.

A beautiful message, which we hope will lead our national Slimane to victory! He will have to face the Belgian Mustii, the Cypriot Silia Kapsis and the Greek Marina Satti among others.


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