Slimane sings “Mon Amour” in English

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Eurovision 2024 is slowly being prepared. Slimane surprises by revealing an extract from his hit “Mon Amour” in English, on his Instagram account.

Slimane sets out to conquer Europe. The singer who recently released the poetic title “Mon Amour” could well have every chance of winning first place in the 2024 Eurovision contest in Malmö, Sweden. Vitaa’s accomplice does, in any case, everything for it.

He has, in fact, just shared a short extract from a new version of “Mon Amour”. The artist had fun translating the lyrics of his powerful track into English.

This video could well announce the upcoming release of the English version of “Mon Amour”. Slimane writes in the caption of his video: “Something’s cooking… ” either “Something is brewing…“, in French.

The objective is clear: Slimane wants his song to travel around the world and above all to be understood by a large audience at Eurovision 2024, on May 11.

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Slimane: what were his inspirations for “Mon Amour”?

Slimane is heartbroken in his poignant track “Mon Amour”. The artist imagined it with his two friends Yaacov and Meïr Salah while he was on tour in Switzerland. A devastating breakup pushed him to share his pain in song. “It came out like a cry from the heart, like something that needed to be expressed. It was very instinctive, animalistic, almost. I didn’t hide this broken heart because I wrote a record (Chronicles of a Cupid, Editor’s note) talking about this story.», he revealed about his piece to the newspaper 20 Minutes.

This song came later. At that moment, this thought came to me: ‘I made a whole album that talks about that and still today I love you and I still don’t know why. I rewatch all the films in the world and it’s always the same: I love you. That’s the story of this song.», concludes Slimane.


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