Sofía Coll: “Going to Eurovision is my Roman empire”

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With this edition of the Benidorm Fest, several alerts have gone off (pop). The most independent record labels and agencies have seen the music competition as a source of opportunity to promote emerging artists. It is the case of Sofia Coll. The Catalan woman is doing well and, after her successful career in TV3 talent Euphoria – was the fourth semi-finalist – is now preparing to conquer Benidorm, Spain and, why not say it, Malmö, the city that will host the Eurovision Song Contest this year.

I have always imagined myself in Eurovision, but it was not in my framework of action this year because I had come from a lot of jogging and I was in Catalonia doing a career.”says Sofía Coll in this interview with WECB. “At the end of September we had the song and we thought that yes, that Here to Stay could work. “It also makes sense with my universe and with the Eurovision universe.”

For now, Here to Stay It has left a very good taste in the mouths among Eurofans, the greatest experts on the subject and the reason, sometimes, that many artists do not want to get involved in this mess. “I am feeling a lot of affection, a lot of hype with my proposal and with myself,” says the singer. “I try not to let that hype bother me because I don’t want it to influence me in any way, but there is so much to do that I didn’t scratch my head with those things.” And she adds: “I think I’m not aware of the magnitude of the media this can get. I’m trying to make an appointment with my psychologist, but she has a full schedule. You should still seek advice.”.

The singer Sofía Coll

The singer Sofía Coll

Regarding the staging, the great secret of her performance, Sofía assures that it will be very artistic and that the video clip – still unreleased – hides several clues. “I like to surprise, I don’t like to say too many things. I want people to be expectant, but without expectations. It is an interesting proposal both conceptually and visually and is consistent with the entire message I tell,” he explains. What is clear is that Sofía Coll is pointing out ways and that she has her focus set not only on the Benidorm Fest, but also on Eurovision. Will she get it? “I’m motivated and the idea blows my mind,” she says. “I’m sure I come across the situation and say, ‘what?’ ‘This is real?’ But it is the objective and it is my Roman empire.”

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