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We all want to have a beautiful Instagram and aesthetic. One of those that shows that he is treated with affection. Although natural and unfiltered tones have become more popular lately, we would all like to have a profile that we are happy to see, and achieving it is not an easy task, but it is possible if we follow some tips, such as saving a similar tone in the publications, not always repeating the same photos in the feed and being natural – although sometimes it is difficult. Of course, one of the most important things to have a model Instagram is to find the ideal song to accompany our publications.

Haven’t you ever had the perfect photo, a video that you would love to post, but you don’t know what song to play? Finally, you choose to put something random or leave it silent. Therefore, we bring you several ideas with which to accompany your reels from Instagram according to you mood. Important, because not every day we are equally inspired.

Songs for when you are happy

Those days when you love your life, you are happy and you want to tell the world about it. We bring you three ideal songs for it.

What a joke of lifeby Karol G

“What a great life, I’m living the life I wanted”. There is no doubt that this theme is ideal for those moments when we are completely happy. If that Karol G always hits the nail on the head. You probably start the week like this, and it will be the first song you use on the list, right?

Counting Starsby One Republic

Next to Riptide by Vance Joy or Stolen Dance by Milky Chance, is a song that transmits good vibes and will make you improve your mood. How about you try using them in your publications?

Where we goby Morat

The chorus of this song spreads good vibes everywhere, and it could be the perfect option for your publications. Plus, you can also use it to dedicate it to someone special, why not?

Songs for your most nostalgic day

There are people who publish more when they are thoughtful, nostalgic and search their gallery for images that can make them bring out what they have inside. We leave you three songs to accompany those videos with which to fill your mind a little more. day of greatest nostalgia.

Anti-Heroby Taylor Swift

A song that talks about vulnerabilities, the fight against impostor syndrome -doubting one’s own performance-, fears and the ability to escape one’s own ghosts. A slow and melodic song that could fit with videos of yourself, clouds and landscapes.

Cruel Summerby Taylor Swift

The second is also Taylor Swiftbut their songs are perfect to include in any reel. In fact, Cruel Summer It was the leader on the WECB list and one of the most used last year, both on TikTok and Instagram, and you can continue using it because the blazer never goes out of style.

What Was I Made Forby Billie Eilish

The song of Billie Eilish talks about feelings, confusion, self-doubt and finding a personal goal. Its slow notes and calm tones can give your video the touch you are looking for.

Songs for your moments of euphoria

Surely your gallery is full of moments with friends, family or your partner. Moments that if you put them together you can create the best memories, those that you love to see in your happiest moments. We leave you four songs so that you can use along with this type of videos.

Makebaby Jain

The song is almost ten years old, but I don’t deny that it’s pretty good for any type of music. reels one of those with which to show off your gallery.

treesby Twenty One Piles

The last half of the song Twenty One Piles It is very susceptible to use in travel editions. It has melodies that can mark your images and will add a very cool touch to your publication. Highly recommended.

Whatever It Takesby Imagine Dragons

90% of the songs Imagine Dragons could be used in reels and stories from Instagram, but we left Whatever It Takes here because it is one of the ones we would use for ours.

Lonelyby Akon

We have heard it thousands of times all over the Internet, but both the lyrics and its melody seem made for your most nostalgic days and, above all, to lift your spirits.

Songs if you have a mood empowered

Taylor Swift already said it in change: “It’s a revolution, the moment will come for us and we will finally win”. Three songs for those moments when we feel like we can do anything.

I Did Something Badby Taylor Swift

For those days when we want to get all the strength out of us, Taylor Swift wrote dozens of songs (without exaggeration), albums that we can name as examples. This time, we recommend I Did Something Badbut we could name you change either Mad Woman.

Tomorrow will be niceby Karol G

This song is for those days when we are chill and we want to show the world that we are aware that everything will pass, and good. One of the most recommended songs that will make your video look more beautiful.

according to whoby Maluma and Carin León

Included in this batch. According to who, of Maluma and Carín Leónhas been widely used on social networks, especially the part of “Who the f*** told you that I still cry for you, or that you were a gold coin?”. All said, it will look great on your feed And, furthermore, it is a very short phrase with which it will take you very little time to create your video.

Songs if you are super in love

You are very much in love and You don’t care if everyone knows. You love to show off and today is one of those days. We leave you three songs that will complement your idea.

Everything with youby Álvaro de Luna

It is not the best time to give an example of this song, after Álvaro de Luna released his latest song, Luck 😉which talks about the heartbreak of the love story of this song, but the truth is that it is a beautiful song that will look great on you.

love storyby Taylor Swift

The quintessential song that we can put in a post for the most romantic day you have. A song that talks about falling in love and the fight to succeed, despite all the impediments.

Santoriniby Enol and Marmi

If you choose photos and videos with your partner, and join them with the chorus of this song, it is more than proven that you can end up with a very, very beautiful and fun reel.

Do you already know which one to use for your next reel?


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